EA: Two new Need For Speed games every year

Sarcastic Gamer: In an interview with EA's Patrick Soderlund, the Senior VP of Europe confirms, among other details, that two Need For Speed games will be produced every year - an action title towards Christmas and a more serious simulation in the middle of the year "when the time is right".

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JonahFalcon3643d ago




We do NOT need TWO Need For Speed games EVERY YEAR.

Did you NOT see how the series was driven to the ground by this?

18 month development time. It's your friend, not your enemy.

JackBNimble3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

It sounds like EA is trying to be like activision for some strange reason....but why would they want to go and do that now?

archemides5183643d ago

but at this rate i'm gonna pick and choose

though they'll probably make it easy and i'll just avoid the crap ones