PSP2 exists - EA

The PSP2 exists and EA has had access to it - according to the publisher's senior vice president Patrick Soderlund.

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Shanks3644d ago

He was probably referring to the PSPhone and CVG took it out of context like they always do.

ASS__ASS__IN3644d ago

I dont know. the interviewer did say PSP2

Red_Orange_Juice3644d ago

Sure it does, and it's not a phone

majdees3644d ago

What is one of the four emperors of the new world doing here??

On topic: I just want the handheld market to disappear so that JRPGs come out on consoles.


Are you talking about the vice president of EA or someone's name in the comments.

supremacy3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

The thing is...that both the psphone and psp2 exists and are two distinctive products aim at different markets. Though the crowds are similar, to get as much market share from different markets is what sony has and is being trying to do.

You better believe soon google tv (engineered by sony) and ps3 will support each others software.

Like I said sony is and has been using playstation as a trojan horse(it did it for dvd, it did it for bluray and now its going for the phone market and tablet market) in the same way apple used the ipod turned it into a phone to get into the phone market and then that to get revive the tablet market.

Ripyealip3643d ago

true say its all about the brand name

rekonizakilla3644d ago

Is there any proof that the psp phone isn't the psp2?

I know it seems like a silly question but psp games have 1 analogue stick and this has 2.
Probably just a meaningless observation though

supremacy3644d ago

At this very point in time, and this is according those whom seen these machines first hand say the difference lie in the specs.

Psp2 is set to be a powerhouse mainly aimed at games and other forms of entertainment.

Where as the psphone is being built primarily as a phone and second as a gaming device. So its specs are set for a phone, unlike the psp2 which due to its power is having overheating issues and battery life.

And ofcourse I am basing all of this on bits of info thats been scattered around the net as of late. I mean no one knows for sure what the final psphone and psp 2 is going to be like.

But judging from from what we do know thus far is that both machines are real and are targeted at different markets, believe it.

rrw3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

you already see many picture about psphone. ( which similar to psp go. it assuming can play old game with psn and android game.

while psp2 will support DUAL analog and HD screen. (

obviously we don't know which one is true when we asked the developer. both of them have similar 1gb ram. however there high possibility thought that developer acquired own both of them.

it seem that sony follow apple line wher you have 2 similar device. ipod touch and iphone

gtamike3643d ago

engadget link is down :/

farhsa20083644d ago

i just hope it comes out soon

slyrunner3644d ago

I want is photos! Thats all, is that too much for a brother to ask!

bananlol3644d ago

Wouldnt the specs be a little more interesting? personally, as long as it is comfortalble, which none of the current handhelds are, i wouldnd care what it looked like.

KiasuKiasiMan3644d ago

Well, you can't get any more confirmation than that. I mean EA is one of the biggest publishers.

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The story is too old to be commented.