GamerMetrics: Xbox 360 Owns August

Thanks largely to the debut of BioShock this month and the impending Halo 3 invasion in September, interest in the Xbox 360 reached an all-time high during in late August, according to data released today by IGN GamerMetrics.

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SuperSaiyan44071d ago

Halo 3, oh then October PGR4, oh then November Mass Effect...

The 360 just has lots of games coming out I mean August alone had loads just in its first week with Moto GP 07, Bioshock, Blue Dragon, Madden 08.

Also not forgetting Streets of rage 2 with online play was released yesterday!

In September you have some cross platform games like Stranglehold but the main glory is HALO 3.

360 gamers have a lot to look forward to as far as gaming goes.

ktchong4071d ago

but Xbox has BioShock in August, Halo 3 in September, Ace Combat 6 in October, and Mass Effect in November; with multi-platform games supplementing those exclusives.

Bloodmask4071d ago

this year. There are AAA games being released every month up until Christmas. Halo 3 is going to rule sales for the Holiday season. With so many great games this year one can only imagine what Microsoft has cooked up for '08.

kornbeaner4071d ago

Does anybody really care for any other game other then Halo 3 on the 360 for the rest of the year? I mean I know for most people that is the game that will consume their life for a long long time.

FCOLitsjustagame4071d ago

Now don't get me wrong as I am not a Halo hater and am looking forward to finishing the fight but to me Halo has always been good solid game but not some uber awesomness that I really must play. I have lots of games rated higher then it. Once I was done with Halo1 I was done with it...gave it to a friend. Halo2 I liked a little more and played some multiplayer and still own it but I havent touched it in a LONG time. I will play Halo3 and maybe love it, maybe if I do I play the campaign a second or third time, maybe I play a little Multi but as soon as Mass Effect or COD4 or Mercenaries or Assassins Creed or even Blacksite area 51 come out I will move on.

So Yes, lots of people really care about other games other then Halo3 this year. It will only consume the lives of some people for a long long time... most people will move on with the next big release.

kornbeaner4071d ago

I;m not a Halo fan myself, I was looking more forward to Bioshock, then Halo. It's just that a majority of 360 owners now are former XBOX owners and for them once Halo is released thats it. It becomes a Halo frag fest for Months if not years after the game is released. I know people that to this day still play Halo 2 online like its the only thing out there.

Not saying that will happen this generation, but Master Chief is to the Xbox what Mario, Samus and Link are to Nintendo. Yeah there are other things to play on the system but that is not the reason why you bought it.

junk564071d ago

360 will dominate the rest of 07.
but when sony pushes out its big titles, it'll be their turn to move tons of consoles.

because in the end, sony products sell around the globe while the 360 sells mainly in North America. (actually america only because canada's full of asians and asians hate the 360)

but yea its true, 360 gamers should be proud of what they have coming these few months but hey, sony's ps3 can outsell 360 worldwide by 100k and its priced over 200-300 bucks MORE than it.

we'll see in 2008... but as everybody knows, Sony's exclusive titles overshadow everything from Microsoft, just like how Halo and Bioshock overshadow lair, heavenly sword and warhawk (great game btw)

ericbs4071d ago

I've seen these games your talking about rated low on some sites. But w/e, most fanboys shrug it off as hard reviewers so you'll have to wait until you can actually play it yourself to see if these guys are right.

P.S. Being a Canadian i can say that there are a hell of alot more indian people here then asians :P

SuperSaiyan44071d ago

WTF is wrong with some people? The only people I know who dont like JRPG's like this are mostly the Americans! Typical.

junk564071d ago

well my friend played it and he said it wasnt as fun as he thought it would be. JRPGs are great i love them, i want to play lost odyssey but blue dragon really really looks stupid.

W.e maybe its cuz im still catching up on chrono trigger and chrono cross that im looking down on new crap.

classic jrpgs (ff7, chrono cross, etc) are the best. the new crap will never top what was left behind way back.
(btw play shin megami tensei persona 3 for ps2, good jrpg, better than bluedragon from what ive heard)

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The story is too old to be commented.