GameZone - Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review

GameZone ditches their socks full of quarters and get their Move ready for Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Does this shooter deliver the arcade experience to your living room? Check out the review.

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Caspel3645d ago

Is it better to play with a light gun or with the Move?

athmaus3645d ago

I havent played a Time Crisis game in forever!

UndeadAreGo3645d ago

This is worth it to me for Razing Storm alone. Awesome light gun shooter that deserves higher than a 6.5, but different strokes...

StuartY3645d ago

It's certainly a value package

RogueCheddar3645d ago

I always loved these games in arcades, but in reality, they're horrible. Let's be honest, it's N4G after all.