Who Will Buy Take-Two? Microsoft, Activision, EA?

Ben Feder's confidence took a beating on Friday.

Feder, Take-Two Interactive's (Nasdaq: TTWO) CEO, stepped down on Friday. Shares of the video game publisher climbed 5% on the news.

Don't take it personally, Feder. The stock only rose because Take-Two's viability as a buyout candidate just went through the roof. The gamer fave's been a popular buyout candidate before, but now, with Executive Chairman Strauss Zelnick wearing the CEO hat, potential acquirers are freer than ever to make their bids.

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MURKERR3645d ago

And will be a formidable force fullstop

Iceland3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Off all these, EA should buy Take-Two Interactive

MURKERR3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

If ms acquire take two that will be the biggest coup in gaming, just couldnt stand the gloating from greenberg seriously cant stand that guy and his spinning.

Is sony acquired take two the franchise would benefit from bluray but i dont believe the 360 audience should miss out so yeh EA definatly not bobby and activision though

Shanks3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Whoever gets Take2 will own all this:

BioShock series
Civilization series
Grand Theft Auto series
Mafia series
Manhunt series
Max Payne series
Midnight Club series
MLB 2K series
NBA 2K series
NHL 2K series
Railroad Tycoon series
Serious Sam series
Stronghold series
Tropico series
Codename Eagle series


GodsHand3645d ago

Civilization is owned my Sid Miers of Firaxis, so I don't think who ever buys out 2K gets that franchise, only the choice to publish the title.

vsr3644d ago

Other divisions like 2k sports...etc, I don't care

Red_Orange_Juice3644d ago

I think EA would be the best for gamers.

visualb3644d ago

simply because they wouldn't want to be tied down to ONE console.

at most, if MS or Sony take them, they'll be multi-plat anyway

either way, hope its EA and not Activision...

R0me3644d ago

GTA is a game which is almost made to be multiplat, I dont know how much money they invested in the production of gta4 but it was a huge amount of cash.

If it would be ps3/xbox only, MS/Sony had to pay them the money they lose for lower sales and this would be too much, so it wouldnt be profitable anymore.

On the other hand gta exclusive could have an major impact on console sales, so that maybe it would be worth it.

All in all I think Rockstar wants to stay independant and thats the best for all gamers.

Cevapi883644d ago

all im afraid of is these big companies starting to milk the franchises that Take 2 owns...i would not want to see a GTA game every year

Phaqutomb3644d ago

who knows this could be apples way to get into the video game industry. they have been banking cash lately.

captain-obvious3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )


sorry my bad
and idk

DeadlyFire3644d ago

Sure EA would keep it mutltiplatform, but they already have so many things going on that owning Take Two would just add another set of games to their list. EA is already almost competing with itself with FPS games. If it owned Take Two there would be no more competition to the EA Sports brand. EA would have to compete with itself to sell its own titles. EA is big enough as it is already.

Sony and Microsoft are not going to buy Take Two. If they did they would just cut it up into more pieces and sell off things they don't like.

BattleAxe3644d ago

Watch Apple come in and buy Take-Two lol

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Troll_Police3645d ago

Either EA or Activision. We all know MS don't buy development studios, they would rather spend millions to get DLC delayed on the PS3.

Killed4Less3645d ago

Does your trolling and whining about MS ever stop?

You complain about it yet your precious Sony does the exact same thing. I can list several instances if you like, but I think you know.

rdgneoz33645d ago

/\ Sony buys studios and exclusive DLC, what "several instances" are you talking about for timed DLC?

blumatt3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

He's got a point, man. This far into the product cycle, there's really not much point in buying up timed exclusive dlc. People have, for the most part, decided which games they're going to get on which console, with the main deciding factor being which console their friends have and play those games on. Microsoft's money would be better spent on buying up a first party studio or two or three..... That's why Sony will ultimately come out on top this gen: They will have the most exclusive games. 2011 is about to show Sony's powerhouse of exclusive games.

AssassinHD3644d ago

Ok Killed4Less, I will bite. List several instances.

Chaos Striker3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

1. Batman Arkham Aslyum (Joker challenge mode)
2. Mafia 2 (additional missions)
3. Red Dead Redemption (additional missions)
4. Dante's Inferno (exclusive Limited Edition)

**I love how people disagree with facts

AssassinHD3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Those are certainly examples of multiplatform games that have exclusive DLC (although the extra Dante's Inferno content is available on XBLM), but nowhere in your post did you provide any evidence that Sony paid for any of it.

A 3 year contract with Activision for timed-exclusive content is proof of payment (contracts are two way streets).

The $50 million money spent on GTAIV DLC is proof of payment.

Nowhere in any of your examples is there any proof of payment.

Edit: It is also worth noting that none of your examples fit the criteria that was set by Troll Police. He was talking about Microsoft paying to delay content on the PS3. The Joker challenge map has not been release on the Xbox 360, therefore it is not a payment for a delay. The same can be said for Mafia 2 and Red Dead Redemption. Dante's Inferno does not even come close to fitting the criteria.

Chaos Striker3644d ago

Well here is my rationale and logic:

-Companies do not give extra add-ons or dlc out of the goodness of their heart (examples such as Criterion are an exception that I will not incorporate because the practice of giving away free DLC is not widespread).

-developing these DLC/add-ons take time and money.
-who will compensate the publisher/developer for this extra time and money spent?

-First method is to release multiplatform to generate the majority of the revenue from the consumers.
-Second method is to release it exclusively but through an agreed upon payment ahead of time.

-Also, a contract between the 2 parties does not have to be announced publicly. Companies have a right to privacy (as much as we don't like it) concerning any matter such as these.

My inference and assumptions leads me to the conclusion that Sony must have paid. There is no other incentive otherwise. And I emphasize, that there is no incentive to do it exclusively unless there is an agreed upon payment.

AssassinHD3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Your logic is sound, but there are other reasons why a company would want to sweeten the pot on one side of the fence. For example, Dante's Inferno. On the Xbox 360 it had no real competition, but on the PS3 it was in direct competition with God of War 3. So to sweeten the deal a little, and entice people to purchase it on the PS3, EA made a "Divine Edition".

With Medal of Honor maybe EA was trying to entice PS3 owners to purchase the product because they know that the title would likely sell well on the Xbox 360 anyway, considering that FPS is a primary genre on that system.

Perhaps the extra content for Mafia 2 and Red Dead Redemption is just a way to make up for slight graphical differences in the PS3 versions.

I don't really have an explanation for Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Chaos Striker3644d ago

I agree with everything you said as well. I guess we can both agree that there are incentives and motives behind exclusive deals that really hurt the customers. Hopefully this exclusivity crap concerning DLC can be dealt with sooner or later.

It is always good to have some civil discussion on this troll infested website :)

AssassinHD3644d ago

I hate exclusive DLC personally. I don't mind games being exclusive, but if a game is released on multiple platforms then everyone who purchases the game should have access to the same content. Exclusive content is a slap in the face to half of your customers. It is like saying that one customer's money is better than another's.

dc13644d ago

+Plus bubbles to you both.

It’s very rare (and wonderful) to read through intelligent as well as responsible dialog, especially when the discussion is introduced through a counter point.
... one day all of NG4 will be like this ...
A place where 360 owners and PS3ers can hold virtual hands ...together.

Ok,.. I may not live to see it.. but it will happen.

BattleAxe3644d ago

@ Chaos Striker,

Theres no evidence that Sony paid to have exclusivity with any of those games you listed. Don't forget, that the PS3 is the lead platform for a few of those games you mentioned. Developers are just betting on a winning horse.

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Nitrowolf23645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Hopefully EA

Activision meh, i see extreme dlc milking, same with EA but i respect them more. I really hope its a multiplat company and not single platform like MS or Sony

can you imagine loosing GTA, Bioshock, and Red Dead to just one platform rather then 3?

rdgneoz33644d ago

Yep, definitely hope EA gets it. Activision will milk the franchise to death with a new game every year and then charge $15 for stuff already on the disc. MS might try to get it since no more Halo and not a lot of first party studios pumping out exclusives.

blumatt3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

None of those games you mentioned are on all three platforms. lol (They're not on Wii.)
I personally hope, and I know it's not gonna happen but humor me, that Sony buys Take Two so we can see a PROPER GTA with full utilization of the PS3's assets, blu ray and the cell processor both maxed out.

Nitrowolf23644d ago

i was including PC as a platform for them

Nihilism3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

"whoever gets taketwo gets gta as an exclusive
And will be a formidable force fullstop "


That's just like raising a flag for whichever publisher gets Britney Spears' contract when it's up...GTAIV sucked FULLSTOP.

When you have 5 years of tech and gameplay advancement and you can have me, a former 'console first' gamer laugh at the quality of GTAIV on PC compared to the PS2 version of GTA:SA then you know you suck as a developer. If anything Rockstar owe me a free game. As a buyer of ALL their previous games; and I will take this opportunity to point out that at no point was GTA a PS3 exclusive, GTA1 and 2 were PC exclusive and GTA 3 was on both PC and PS2 ( possibly later on xbox ), and Vice city was on all 3 as well as GTA:IV...I won't buy GTA:V unless it has RPG elements back and does not spin out at 20kph around corners...

visualb3644d ago

and GTA / rockstar being a huge important franchise when it comes to making money
they fact that GTA was arguably one of the lesser GTA's (big GTA fan here myself and I agree with your comment)

it still doesn't change the fact that GTA is a HUGE HUGE franchise, and will sell regardless of your personal tastes

ash_divine3644d ago

It doesn't matter how good or bad GTA4 was. It was still a juggernaut in sales.(as is the franchise). Infact, it seems as if most people thought it sucked yet the game still ended up selling like 10 million copies. That should be indicative of the franchise's financial strength.

lukeb4dunk3644d ago

While I wouldn't say that GTA4 "sucked FULLSTOP", IMO, it was the lesser of the rest.

I would like to see a return of the RPG element that you speak of. I would also like a return of rewards for completing collectibles, police/ambulance missions and buying property.

I'm not the first to say this, but 4 felt like a gimped version compared to at least the last two.

r1sh123644d ago

Take Two will not be sold. With Red Dead becoming a serious player in the game market they really have no reason to sell it, with future hits expected from both red dead and GTA.
We all know we are due another GTA and with even more gamers out there, it will sell very well.
Do not forget the 2K games, which have been gaining some momentum and eating into EA sales. I think take two are in a real growth period, they know they can improve by themselves.
I really dont mind if anyone buys them as long as its not kotic/activision.

PS360fanboy3644d ago

Take2 being bought?! What did I miss? Who's rich enough to affor it!?

lelo2play3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

It would be a killer move by Microsoft if they acquired Take Two... but i don't think the Microsoft bosses are smart enough to make this kind of move. They prefer wasting money of stupid things.

Take two will probably keep them selfs independent.

Lyr1c3644d ago

It would be smart for Sony as well. Take Two is huge.

vhero3644d ago

MS has never acquired such an expensive studio before and I doubt they will start now. I doubt Sony would bother either I could see EA buying them up to be honest or some other major company. MS right now are too busy anyway with Kinect hoping it sells and can't really afford to spend any more money on anything and well Sony are being rather quiet on everything.. Nintendo NEVER buy anybody..

avengers19783644d ago

Witch is why is see MS going after Taketwo... if they could get gta as an exclusive on the 360, well that being huge sorta goes without saying.
My vote is for EA, and the most likely company to get them.

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ksense3645d ago

It would be a sad day for gamers if any of those companies buyout take two. If it comes down to it I guess I would rather have EA or Activision buy it instead of microsoft or Sony because those guys would make it exclusive to one system and that is loss for gamers.

The best would be if this never happens and take two can hold their own.

Blaster_Master3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

EA is gonna out bid everyone,, it means no more NBA live or Madden competition, they could quit making Mafia games and make GTA instead, but if Microsoft bought them, it might be the thing that saves them from depending so much on third parties. But now that I think about it, I dont think Microsoft will buy them cause they just spent $500,000,000 on advertising for the Kinect.

PS360fanboy3644d ago

You have a point there. No more competition for EA Sports.

FAGOL3645d ago

Microsoft = Exclusivity to 360
Activision = Bobby Kotick and his shareholders
EA = Might work

ksense3645d ago

you know I actually thought that. What better way to enter the console industry with a new console and rockstar making games for it exclusively. With rumors of Apple having a lot of cash and looking to buy companies I wouldn't doubt this to not happen. We shall wait and see

GodsHand3645d ago

Damm you beat me to it.

But I was going to say, and out of the left corner Apple comes in and swoops up the company.

OSU_Gamer3645d ago

I don't wan't MS to buy them, but MS would be smart to do so.