Best Buy's Geek Squad Strikes Again

DS writes, "I know, I know, talking about crazy weird Best Buy Geek Squad “services” is kind of old. But, you know what? It always gives me a good laugh. So, in the tradition of our previous piece on the fact that they charge for PS3 firmware upgrades, I now present to you the Geek Squad wanting to install your actual PS3 games onto the system for you. This requires them to slide the game disc into the PS3, sit back, sip a Mountain Dew and wait for the automatic install to complete. If it’s an optional install, they might have to break from their cheese ball eating to press one button on the DualShock 3."

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PS3ROCKS3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Welcome to Dick Buy. How may I dick you over.

HarryMonogenis3649d ago

.. charge people for waiting in line. >_>

Red_Orange_Juice3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

this is beyond me, I dont believe this

kunit22c3647d ago

this is almost as bad as having to pay just to play console games online, imagine if we had to do th... oh wait...

seinfan3649d ago

Living isn't free, people!

But it sure as hell doesn't need asinine charged services.

kunit22c3647d ago

I think Best Buy, Activision, and Microsoft could all team up they all seem to like getting every penny out of their consumers..

Motion3649d ago

Well, not to take away too much from the article, but Best Buy reuses the same plastic security cases over and over. Being a former employeee, I can say that there is a good chance that there used to be RAM or some other small computer component inside of that box. Odds are no one really cared enough to scrape the sticker off when a new product was placed inside. I don't know how bad its gotten there over the years, but I highly doubt that installing PS3 games is really one of their services now.

taz80803649d ago

Best Buy will do anything to turn a quick buck. I think they should also add a fee to carry things to your car or open your boxes for you.

JoelT3649d ago

If they have a box opening service then I'm in the wrong line of work. JK

Seriously though it seems as though there's a sucker born every day and Best Buy is right there to take that sucker for everything they've got. Disgusting.

thevokillist3649d ago

Take a flying lip-lock on my love muscle and hum the National Anthem... this is just recockulous!

Chadness3649d ago

I'm just curious now how much they charge to install a game for you - a game that will install itself anyway the moment you put it in to play for the first time.

testerg353649d ago

c'mon.. it does take a lot to install! Insert disk and possibly press X several times! :)

OSU_Gamer3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I dont know what is worse...the idiot who falls for this, or the Geek Squad itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.