Co-op for Killzone 2?

Halo 3's got it, Haze has got it. And so will pretty much every other shooter due over the next 12 months. But will the PS3's flasgship shooter Killzone 2 sport the new team multiplayer mode? Geurilla may have dropped us a hint...

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mighty_douche4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

you cant make a AAA FPS anymore without the co=op feature, its pretty much become standard now! the only question is how many players it can support, i would of thought just 2 as 4 would probably put such a hugh demand on the host ps3!

amazing game, cant wait! warhalk might help....

edit: no reason for the disagree huh? xbox fan boy perhaps...

Italy_guy4070d ago

or... or... forget it I have nothing *sigh* another attempt at being tough... failed... :)

junk564070d ago

imagine having 16 player offline coop... and recreating a warzone with just two sides, two trenches, a few obstacles in the middle and battling it out trench warfare style.

how effing sick is that? or having a multiplayer mode where you land with dropships and the defending team has to kill you before you take over, and you respawn constantly on those ships and they keep coming like an infinite flood..

never gonna happen but still, recreating D-day online would be effing amazing

xhi44070d ago

even in the demo there were always 'two' players in the game. You and Sev. So with online coop or offline coop you would play sev in for instance that mission. It seems pretty obvious. And the rumour about the blood was correct, and in the same rumour they talk about the online world of Killzone, if that's true then damn this will be the for online any game would be.

dhammalama4070d ago

developer walkthrough vid they show how just adjusting (or disabling) some of the post processing effects made the scene look almost sunny, it's easy to see how that rumor about the multiplayer battle zones changing depending on who is occupying them could be true. Dark and stormy for the helghast, and bright and cheery for the ISA.

Omegasyde4070d ago

Co-op is cool, but now the market is getting flooded with it. Most of the co-op games are very half assed and glitchy. I would rather have an awesome offline and online multiplayer shooter with lots of modes.

That's one deciding factor which I either rent or buy it. Co-op shouldn't be the norm, outstanding mutliplayer along with an intense story should be i.e. In the footsteps of GoldenEye 64.

QuackPot4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Needs to master the fundamentals first - SM & MP.

Killzone 2 with a great SP & Warhawk-like online MP would push the game to AAA+ status. A fantastic, well executed online MP would make up for any linear/repetive gameplay with SP - but of course GGs not going to have such gameplay for Killzone 2.

And also give us a usable aircraft. Had to say this as I'm a huge Mercenaries fan and of course there's a certain game called WARHAWK.

mighty_douche4070d ago

why cant you just have both? multiplayer and co-op? co-op brings people back to the 'single' player mode, if i get a new game i like to complete it then go on to the mulitplayer and generally dont play the 'single' player mode again. but if they had co-op i would quite happily go back and play through it again with a friend time and time again!

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The story is too old to be commented.