CoD: Black Ops features four levels of Difficulty

Gamingbolt: An image sent to us by a reader has confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops will be featuring 4 levels of difficulty which the player can choose from at the start of the campaign mode.

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gameseveryday3645d ago

I think every game has minimum of three difficult levels, Treyarch is just taking it ahead with a 4th one.

rdgneoz33645d ago

Yep, usually easy, normal, hard, and then a pain in the ass hard mode that's locked at the start till you beat it once.

deafwing3645d ago

this article states an almost customary design and expectation ... what's the point? I would understand if the game only had two (that would be rare) ... but telling us that a game has four difficulty settings questions the relevance of this site/article.

KyRo3645d ago

There's been four difficulty settings in COD for the past couple of years?

hennessey863645d ago

is the only way to play. Although i coulnt do the epilogue on cod 4

RedDead3645d ago

Mile high club? I did it! Took e many hours though, you have to do everything in perfect sequence(shoot, flash, frag etc) or you don't mae it

hennessey863645d ago

it got so annoying, i just gave up

Imperator3645d ago

I personally didn't have much trouble with Mile High Club (at least not as much as others). Took me around 6 tries to do it.

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cyborg3645d ago

and videos are everywhere. Just release it already. Want to play and beat this on Vet.

Dark-Angel093645d ago

Modern Warfare, World at War and MW2 had 4 levels of difficulty. Even the Call of Duty Reboot has 4 difficulties.

Zezo3645d ago

World at War was the hardest campaign, but also the worst. Just a spam of grenade after grenade became no fun after so long. You were forced to leave your camping spot because there were like five of them in your cover.

oh lord I've said a lot of not-so-nice-things in those moments....

Paradise Lost3645d ago

Im hoping it's just as hard in black ops, campaigns nowadays are way too easy.

Zezo3645d ago

I can still recall that Call of Duty 1 veteran is by far the toughest, not because you're almost as weak as you're in other games, but your health bar doesn't regenerate lol

DannyDammit3645d ago

COD4 Veteran was way harder than WaW for me. I kinda blew through WaW but it took me a while to beat COD4 on Veteran. I actually finished it the month that MW2 came out.

AwakenTheTaco3645d ago

cod2 veteran was the hardest.

AssassinHD3645d ago

I can appreciate a hard campaign, but grenade spamming is not the way to achieve it. That just makes the experience frustrating. There are other ways to achieve difficulty. Lower health, lower ammo, no health regen, etc.

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AwakenTheTaco3645d ago

cod2 veteran was the hardest. end of line.

tmoss7263645d ago

Has had 4 difficulties. This is not news.

Paralex3645d ago

It's always been like that. This is nothing new. Recruit, Normal, Hardened, and Veteran.

Ravenor3645d ago

Since 2003 when the first CoD launched on the PC.

Greenhorn, Regular, Hardened and Veteran. This is not new, this is not journalism.

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The story is too old to be commented.