Ninja Theory: The Most Hated Developer In The World?

NowGamer: I have to deal with N4G quite a lot when writing things for the web – it’s no secret to say it’s a big source of traffic and good for getting more hits on the site. This does mean I am exposed to the opinions and general feelings of the more vociferous users on the site, and as such I’ve been able to pick up on quite a lot of anti-Ninja Theory sentiment...

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Troll_Police3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Well, they refuse to give us PS3 owners Heavenly Sword 2 because they complained that selling 1.5 million copies was not enough so they went multi plat with Enslaved and it sold a pathetic 80k in the first month on TWO consoles. Serves them right. That 1.5 million for Heavenly Sword doesn't seem so bad now does it Ninja Theory?


I would love for Sony Santa Monica to do it but I'm sure they're busy withe the God of War game about Deimos, Kratos's brother.

As great as Heavenly Sword was and it's 3 years old, how does Ninja Theory release a brand new game(Enslaved) that is a few steps backwards from the game they did 3 years ago exclusively for the PS3? What was the problem?

Nitrowolf23650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Sony owns the IP don't they? If they do then they should just hand it off to other devs. I wouldn't mind if Santa Monica did it, but then again they might be bored with hack and slash ( i mean they might want to try something else before they get back to that genre)
Heavenly sword was such an awesome game


Isn't that the one for PSP? they are done already, also we don't know what happens to him so we need to wait till the psp game release to know whether he is alive or not to be in his own game then.

Kamikaze1353650d ago

Let Platinum Games do it. After playing Bayonetta, I'd be down to playing any hack and slash game they release.

Pennywise3650d ago

Kamikaze135, that is the worst idea I have ever heard.

Cold 20003650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

No only PS3 fanboys hated them because they refuse to treat Sony like God like they do.

But now with the DmC reboot, well I guess they got everyone against them.

I dont hate them for a second. Dont care to that point.

And according to the article this "hate" only seems to exist on N4G. Why am I not surprised ?

Active Reload3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Nah, only the retards hate them. Probably the first commentor falls into that category?

motorola, who are you referring So, by your logic, I can only hate a fanboy if I hate the console also? I have no reason to hate a piece of plastic definitely not the PS3, lol. But when someone tells me that Gears 3 looks like a PS2 game, I make sure they feel the wrath of my...common sense and intellect.

My apologies if you weren't referring to me, but if you were, thats all I have to say to you before I ignore you.

Motorola3650d ago

Why are you so mad? u are a fanboy in the worst sense, you hate the Sony fanboys only and dont even say anything about the console.... pathetic...^ Sony needs to give heavenly sword to SANTA MONICA!!

ZombieAssassin3650d ago

Did you see the official NT forums when the DMC trailer was shown? The hate for them isn't contained to N4G, even the Playstation forums people hate on them, i believe their was some hate on the xbox forums as well.

From what i recall most Sony fanboys actually liked them because HS was an amazing game and most were anticipating Enslaved as well until they played the demo.

nix3650d ago

i loved HS.. i only 'hate' them because they haven't released the HS2.

i think the most hated Devs are Activision, Turn 10...

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Anarki3650d ago

I'd stop hating on them if they made me a god damn HS2!!!!!

raztad3649d ago

Keep hating on. Clearly Sony and NT arent in good terms now, so they wont touch any Sony franchise, HS included.

Christopher3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I think the leads of Ninja Theory aren't on good terms with Sony, but I could definitely see Sony buying of NT and letting go those heads to keep a quality first party studio around who has experience developing exclusive titles for them.

I question NT's future with the money they have already lost due to the lackluster sales from Enslaved. Sure, they have Capcom to throw them a bone, but that will only go so far. They still need to pay off investors for their last game.

nickjkl3649d ago

i can see sony santa monica doing hs2

TreMillz3650d ago

They just bitch to much. "Wahhhh Heavenly Sword!!! Wahhh No Money!!! Wahhhh Multiplatform!!!! Wahhh Capcom said do it!!!! Wahhhhh We got no excuse because this game bombed too even after we went multiplatform!!!! Wahhhh!!!!

yewles13649d ago

Epic comment of the year.

Killed4Less3650d ago

Well then I'm going to have to disagree. As an owner of both HS and Enslaved, Enslaved is better in more ways than not. The combat felt a bit better in HS but other than that graphics, story and platforming/puzzle elements are all better.

NT are far from the most hated and not even in the top 10. It sounds like NT are far happier being away from Sony and it sounds like HS did not like the relationship. Doesn't surprise me and they are doing better things now anyway.

Christopher3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Fairly certain they're not the most hated, but they don't do a good job making themselves look good in the eye of the gaming community.

Unfortunately, it's not the company that is disliked, it's those few people who talk way too much about all the wrong things that make the whole company look the way they do. This is one of the main reasons I'm glad I never got a job developing video games, because it doesn't matter that a producer or lead designer is the one that made all of the wrong decisions or said all the wrong things, it would also be my fault by association.

creatchee3650d ago

No, it doesn't "serve them right." So according to you, just because a developer hopes to be more successful by going multiplatform means they should fail? That's just silly. The deal that they had with Sony, fair or not, didn't pay very well.

Don't get me wrong - Enslaved is not a very good game. But could you honestly say that it would be any better as a PS3 exclusive? I mean, I wasn't Heavenly Sword 2 just as as anyone else who played the first one, but just because they didn't make it or went multiplatform doesn't give me, you, or anyone else the right to hate on them or serve as good enough reason to hope for their failure in other endeavors.

Christopher3650d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

***The deal that they had with Sony, fair or not, didn't pay very well. ***

The main point being it didn't pay well because of their mismanagement of money. Ninja Theory blames Sony for not making money on the project, but the reason they didn't was because they didn't manage their project well and spent way more on it than they could afford.

I'm going to assume that it's going to be even worse with Enslaved since it's unlikely the sales will total up to equal of what HS had on the PS3 and it has a higher development costs due to being multiplatform.

Heavenly Sword @ 3 weeks: 270k
Enslaved @ 3 weeks: 160k

***But could you honestly say that it would be any better as a PS3 exclusive?***

If it was exclusive, it would never have seen the light of day or have been a very different game in many ways that it's impossible to say if their decision would result in a better game or not.

What we do know is that the decision to go multiplatform on their own so far has shown to not have been a good decision for the company.

mastiffchild3648d ago

NT are bitter about losing the rights to what they see as "their" IP in HS-and I would too as it's a good IP. However, they wouldn't EVER have got it out the door at all and certainly wouldn't have broken even without Sony intervening when they did to rescue a game way over budget as an Xbox1 exclusive!!

NT would be better moaning about their own mismanagement of funds or asking why MS weren't the ones stepping in to save their arses with HSD, no? HS sold well considering the PS3 install base at that point in time but were they to work with Sony, implement Move and trophies who knows how many more sales the game might garner? Instead they portray Sony as the bad guys but from where I sit I wonder if NT would even EXIST had Sony not saved HS when they did and how they did.

The state of ~Dante and the patchy game play and patchy gfx of Enslaved just show a pretty average dev with ideas bigger than their tech talent in my eyes. No hate from me but I do think they have some silly issues they need to get over. HS was, imho, a far more well realised(overall) project than Enslaved in terms of looks, depth and even story and character. Enslaved hangs together only because it's a story cribbed from elsewhere and the less said about ~Twilight Dante the better.

HS 's biggest issue was it's awful demo!!

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Kamikaze1353650d ago

The higher ups at Ninja Theory don't seem to have any common sense.

Heavenly Sword was a good game that could have been vastly improved with a sequel or prequel. Instead, they go off and make a whole new game that seems to doesn't seem to be that big of a step forward compared to Heavenly Sword (and a step back when looking at the graphics(facial expressions, skin texture, etc)). It sells poorly and I'm sure they're blaming everybody except for themselves.

Then, they have the nerve to completely destroy the cool image of Dante we all had in our minds thanks to the Devil May Cry series.

I'm just glad I'm not such a huge fan of DMC to begin with.

Lucreto3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I don't hate them. I think their games are good as they do something different other don't.

I don't like the big talk they where doing before the release of the game. Complaining that their game was released on a slow starting console and still sold 1.5 million which at the time was a big achievement.

Kamikaze1353650d ago

A big achievement indeed. Some games didn't sell nearly as much and the devs went on to releasing sequels to them that sold even more. I think Ninja Theory just sets the financial bar a little too high and care very little for the gamers.

Killed4Less3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

So am I reading this write that people are "upset" with them because they had complaints about Sony?

I really hope that isn't the reason because that is both ridiculous and extremely and I mean extremely childish. Borderline mental, seek help kinda stuff there.

Sounds like Sony was a bitch to work with nothing too shocking. But if it leads you to stay mental things like "care very little for the gamers." like the dude above me seek help.

Genecalypse3650d ago

Ninja theory got what it deserved,

"Heavenly sword made no money for us"
Enslaved is multiplat
80k sold
"well..I..screw you guys were ruining DMC now!

Urmomlol3650d ago

Piss off Now Gamer. You guys are the worst web site on the planet. Crappy articles like this prove it.

Killed4Less3650d ago

When these sites start writing articles for N4G you know we are being played.

N4G means squat and the collection of commentors here are more fanboys than gamers with bias's that borderline mental.

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