Kinect is not about “moving from the core to the broad”, says Microsoft’s Chris Lewis

Microsoft’s Chris Lewis has said the key to Kinect’s success is “getting people in front of the technology and experiencing it”.

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MURKERR3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Consoles have been sold

greenberg hasnt lied but just hasnt been completely forth coming in explaining those 45million consoles were sold to retailers.

Micsrosofts financial report clearly states 44 million sold to retailers (shipped).click on the performance tab on their report and it clearly explains,i believe they need to be more open and switch to consoles sold to consumers like nintendo and sony then we wont get contradicting numbers and have to listen to greenburg spinning everything.

Love 360 hate their childish execs

rroded3649d ago

but we still want your money

i mean didnt we just give ya a price hike on live if thats not love what is?

you know the worst part is they screwed their real fanbase for kinect and its going ta flop so bad the ms gaming division will be shut down.

BrianG3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Deleted comment

Clearly was wrong for not jumping on the bandwagon with sales numbers when the article wasn't targeted towards sales.

Have a nice day haha

darthv723649d ago

how can they screw their fanbase with kinect? You really believe there would never EVER be any content a core gamer would like to use kinect for?

Passing judgment on the first set of titles is crazy. These are not meant to wow the core in any way. They are showing the basic fundamentals of kinect.

Thinking there wont be core content for kinect is like thinking move will replace DS3 as the new standard control for playstation.

Sez 3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Wasn't it already established last week when jack was caught lying about sold move numbers that all companies report " SHIPPED TO RETAILER". Yet you still acting like only MS is the only one doing this. Yet every sonyfanboy said Sony does the samething. Now your acting like that went out the window less than two weeks ago.

morganfell3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

@Vega, Jack wasn't lying. Sony and Nintendo report consoles sold to consumers but ALL peripherals by everyone are reported as sold (shipped) to retailers.

Sez 3649d ago

so now it means sold when sony sell ps3 to cunsumers but sony means shipped when the sell move to retailers. ok that sounds like bullshit but ok

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Killed4Less3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Correction. Troll police isn't commenting he is adding nothing but his usual troll followed by his dupe account and BFF in Kinect trolling rroded..

On Topic: Of course it isn't and has been said from the beginning. The hater-aid/FUD spreading crowd are the ones spreading the idea MS is abandoning the core. Because the launch titles are aimed to broaden the appeal, it puts little kids into a panic that they are not the center of attention. But fear not little babies you will have your core games too.

darthv723649d ago

it is funny. the closer it gets to launch the more insecure people become.

What do they really have to fear?

3649d ago
radphil3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I like how all 3 of you act like Kinect is some part of your gang, and he's coming up with something big...

Also you can look at my previous comments if you want. I'm concerned about them leaving the focus of things just like how Nintendo did when they released the Wii.

Mr_Bun3650d ago

Really? Then why are the launch titles all aimed at the casual? Why aren't there any plans to update any current "core" games to work with kinect?

EasilyTheBest3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

...deep breath. Microsoft is a business and they are going about this the right way.
They are aiming for the casuals first. They dont want to confuse their market with Kinect plus controller and hardcore we have all seen before games.
They re aiming for fun easy casual games.
Expect hardcore games announced and working at E3 2011.
By that time enough of the casuals will know what Kinect is.
Hardcore games wont then confuse Microsofts message.

Show a mum the Move and she will shake head and say a black Wii controller thingy.
Show a mum Kinect and she will have mouth wide open and say oh wow.
By the way, im not saying which is better or nothing, im just saying this is the responses Im seeing from clueless casuals.
Great for Microsoft.

Killed4Less3649d ago

You waste your breath on this guy.. But +bub for well said just continue owning the haters. The disagrees only represent their failing..

joydestroy3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

i'm no mum, but when i first saw kinect, the first thing that popped into my head was "wtf is this thing?"

and when i saw a demo of it in action i thought "lag-tastic".

i'll be waiting to see if they drop some hardcore games next year in hopes that it's got less lag then.

Pillville3649d ago

Until "mum" sees the price tag and says oh no.
It won't be about moms, it will be about kids asking mom for it, over and over again, until the mom caves in and whips out the credit card.

Move is geared towards more "standard" gamer, but they're advertising it like it's Wii knock off. Their commercials show mom and grandpa playing golf, ping-pong, etc... Wrong, wrong, wrong... and they don't even point out the main different between it and Wii (the camera).

Pennywise3649d ago

My MUM loved playing move. My MOM will probably be buying Move for her granddaughter.

JokesOnYou3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Launch titles are casual for two reasons,

#1 Just like with move any game made from the ground up for a QUALITY motion control HARDCORE title is going to take time...hell even AAA core games spend years in development= IN OTHER WORDS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE EASIEST/TAKE LESS TIME TO MAKE.

#2 The main reason for bringing motion controls to 360 and ps3 is to capture the casual fanbase that made the wii the hardware sales leader this gen, casuals WANT easy pick & up and play games. They are not going to play an RPG for 20-30hrs leveling up with motion controls no matter how well its implemented, lol they just want to play bowling at a party and be done= IN OTHER WORDS CASUALS DON'T GIVE A DAMM ABOUT GAMES WITH ALOT OF DEPTH(typical gameplay experience we like).

The good news is we can enjoy both types of experiences/games, as long as its FUN.

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Moentjers3649d ago

take any game from your collection and ask yourself "how am I gonna play this game without a controller"...
well, I guess the devs did the same and decided to leave the current games as they are: good with a controller

TheOldOne3649d ago

"He also believes within the next five years, the console will sell just as many units as its first five years (42 million)"

42 million?? WTF?

Didnt Greenburg say 45 mil?

"Kinect is not about moving from core to the broad"


kaveti66163649d ago

Didn't the PS2 sell a shitload right after the 4 year mark? Maybe MS is planning on making a major price cut/ revision. It sounds impossible, but Sony made it happen with the PS2, so MS might be trying to duplicate that kind of success.

mistajeff3649d ago

nyahaha, he said 'broad'

Anon19743649d ago

Given that they're now focusing on soccer mom's, Freudian slip perhaps?

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