Medal of Honor receives further PC patch

GamerZines writes:

Community Manager Matt Pruitt has detailed the latest Medal of Honor multiplayer patch for PC, that is now available to download - either through the auto-updater when the game loads or an offline updater and it'll also be available through Steam.

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KillerPwned3649d ago

Seriously where is the console patch already.

Shackdaddy8363649d ago

Its harder to get a console patch out than it is a PC patch. It will come fairly soon. Dont worry.

imvix3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Console patches need to go through Microsoft and Sony validation procedure. PC is an open platform thus does not face these delays. Plus the fact that the PC is the first platform to code on anyways.

StoneyYoshi3649d ago

yeah this is seriously getting on my nerves. since the dlc is out today im hoping the come out with a patch, this will deffinitely bring back more players. if they are gonna fix it today they still have waited way too long, its sad how they havent really supported this game like they said they would, they still havent fixed the servers as usual for games from EA. if they dont fix most of the issues in the next patch im probably gonna trade this in for assassins creed 3

Milksteak3649d ago

Taliban...err...OpFor Zombies!

Trunkz Jr3649d ago

MoH: Escalation

Your stuck in an area and Taliban attack you in waves, later waves getting vests and better weapons - Price $15

jjank113648d ago

LOL....knowing EA/DICE it'll be something like MoH: Korea. They have some silly ideas when it comes to DLC and how it is implemented. I'm still pissed at BF BC2 Vietnam, stupid idea, I'd rather they just have more maps and more modes, instead of go and recreate crap. DICE is wearing thin on me and is giving Treyarch even more of an opening to capture my gaming time and money.