The Top 7... Unsexy Femme Fatales

The seven pixelated ladies in Games Radar's countdown were clearly designed to arouse and allure, to attain a pinnacle of hotness that would tempt any boy or man into forking over his hard-earned cash. But somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. What should have been sirens, vixens, seducers and heartbreakers... ended up monsters.

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MK_Red4157d ago

GamesRadar is at it again :)
At least this one is an interesting feature but Telis from Omikron shouldn't be there because:
1.She's not Femme Fatale but an innocent wife that demons kill/possess.
2.Her problem is with the old tech and that was the best they could do back then. Even Lara was boxy back in 1996.