Eurogamer: The Fight: Lights Out Review

Eurogamer writes "I've barely started playing Sony's gritty Move-enabled beat-'em-up and Danny Trejo is already shouting at me. "YOU'LL BREAK THE GAME IF YOU MOVE AROUND" he barks, his grizzled face looming at the screen like an angry testicle with a moustache.

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panasonic233644d ago

Damn Sonic Free Rider is better then this crap .

ryuzu3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

And this is better than Mafia II (4/10). Your point?

Mine is that a) Sonic hasn't been reviewed by EuroLamer and b) that Mafia 2 is better than this so the relative review scores (especially between sites) aren't a good way of comparing.

Having said all that, the text of the review, while not exactly glowing, also doesn't really say anything that bad - the game seems functional if bland. Still, this looked lame from E3 and things haven't changed. Yet another motion game to ignore.


VictoriousB133643d ago

EuroLamer? Good one *sarcasm*.

3644d ago
Omega43644d ago

It's quite surprising all the Move exclusive games are turning out bad, seems like having good tech isn't enough to create good games.

Simon_Brezhnev3644d ago

im trying to figure out how u never get banned for trolling so much

Mr_Bun3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

A valid question. If I didn't know any better, I'd think one of the mods favored one console over the other. I'm sure that's not the case as it would take someone who doesn't own a PS3 to give Omega so many free passes, right?

kaveti66163644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

"I'm disappointed too, but at least Sony didn't try to hide reviews until after release...unlike a certain unnamed peripheral." Marked for trolling.

"I don't think the embargo lifts until the next generation of consoles get released...unless you give it a review of A+++++++" Marked for trolling.

People buy the Win OS because the machines that they run on are the cheapest. Very "simples""

"Kinect is having lag/response issues with games that are about as powerful as those found on Nintendo's do you think it will behave with games that weren't thrown together overnight (assuming MS decides to ever go that route)?"

"Maybe as "core" as the XBL wii-vatars"

"That's more posting ACTUAL FOOTAGE of Kinect unless it shows that Kinect works (in other words, no more posting kinect vids unless they are fake)....amiright?"

"MS should have spent some of that 500 million on producing product"

Plus 3 back to back posts about how you traded in your 360 for various reasonss.

"Sony and Nintendo are the ONLY ones who report "sold to end user". MS counts units "shipped" as units "sold". This has been stated time and time again. #1.1.12"

"The xbox does this. MS just spells "free" differently. I think they spell it something like "400 MS points" #6.1" Marked for being Funny. Kudos.

That's EXACTLY my point. My daughter would love kinectimals. I get that. But as an adult, can anyone really claim that there is anything of interest to be found with kinect?...Not from what we've seen."

"Comprehension is not your friend...I PICKED UP A 360 IN 2008...TRADED IT IN E3 2010...geesh. That is the 3rd F*CKING time I've had to spell it out for you #1.5.8"

Wow that's another comment about how you traded in your 360.

I picked up a 360 back in '08. I traded it in immediately after this years E3....Never had RRoD, never had any disc scratching...just realized MS is now focusing on the casual market. In fact, I am still paid up for XBL until November of next year."

And another one.

"You named 3 games this entire of which just came out last Tuesday. As far as I'm concerned, that is a very small number of games. That's what I am talking about in reference to "lower standards"....not the quality of software. I'm sure Halo is fantastic...I just hope it's enough to justify owning the console long enough to play the next Fable or Gears."

This one's really clever. I guess people like you can't afford to hold onto a console unless it's constantly being bombarded with games. Did your 360 take up too much precious space in your house?

Your entire comment history is predictable. From where I sit, you're as much a troll as Omega.

PS. Booyah

Mr_Bun3643d ago

You are as delusional as Omega if you can't see the difference between my posts and the ramblings of Omega. Odd how you seem to think questioning the ONLY information we have on kinect is deemed as trolling.

Funny you bring up how I owned a 360. No matter how many times I say it, I get hit with trolling... or I get people like you who refuse to believe that anyone would be fed up with MS's bullshi† enough to trade it in or you just lack simple comprehension when it comes to the 360.

I'm glad you found enough time in your day to go through my comment the looks of it, you really enjoyed it. Your welcome

kaveti66163643d ago

The fact that you would repeat the same information over and over again is a sign of trolling.

The fact that you feel the need to keep communicating the same tired idea about a product you feel negatively about, is a sign of trolling.

Your comment history is long and skewed against the 360.

I don't care if you have a 360. Having a 360 doesn't mean you're not a fanboy.

It just means that the negative experience you had with your product has warped you into believing that you can make subtle implications against the 360 and apply your negative experience with it to the general public. That's trolling.

Just because you got bored of your console doesn't mean you can conclude that other people will. Just because you don't like Kinect, doesn't mean you should enter every kinect thread and offer your same 2 cents about it, the SAME exact things. For example, saying that MS has yet to show YOU that kinect is for core gamers, doesn't mean that you can suggest that kinect is a failure just because it fails to appeal to you.

The PS MOVE doesn't appeal to me, but you don't see me in PS MOVE threads talking about how it doesn't appeal to me.

That's the difference I'm making. And yes, you are just like OMEGA. You get away with your comments because there are obviously more PS3 fanboys in this site than 360 fanboys. Deny that if you want. I don't care.

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killzowner3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

ALL the move games turning out bad? FAIL.
Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5, MAG, Echocrome 2, R.U.S.E, time crisis and sports champions have been reviewed very well and bar sports champions are all hardcore titles. Kinect doesn't have any hardcore games in it's launch month.

EDIT: Omega4 added "exclusive" to "Move games" - not that being move exclusive makes a difference to the move owners playing it. Just because Kinect games are much more awkward to make playable by 360 controls AND Kinect doesn't mean move has to be categorised like Kinect

D4RkNIKON3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Omega was just waiting for something like this to jump all over. Well Omega, just you wait. I will jump all over the first Kinect game to get a god awful score. It will happen, mark my words.

The Fight looked like an awful game from the start. The videos I saw of it looked really unresponsive and appeared gesture based instead of 1:1. We know the Move can track 1:1 like table tennis in Sports Champions for example. This is just a bad game by poor devs that's getting the scores it deserves. It doesn't represent the entire Move library lol.

Pennywise3644d ago

It's quiet surprising that having a brain doesn't help you say one smart thing.

baodeus3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

how do you know if he does have a brain or not?

I think socery seem like it gonna be great w/ move.

Silly gameAr3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

He could be a robot who was built primarily to promote the xbox 360 and troll the PS3 on N4G. hmmm.

PS360fanboy3644d ago

This was the msot promising one...

The best Move games yet are the new version of heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5, which is a bad thing since we still don't have a Move speciic game to show it so far. I'll only get Move when that game arrives.

killzowner3644d ago

why does it have to be move specific exactly? why is it different if it just supports it?

8-bit3644d ago

The only reason people are talking about move specific titles is because it's Omega's only straw to grasp at. He seems to only want to compare kinect only games to move only games because that's the only kind of kinect game.

ryuzu3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I agree with the above - why does it have to be Move specific - the PS3 has multiple control methodsw so there should be few Move specific games and that's how it should be.

On another note, the Wii's best titles are in many instances not ones that make use (or at least significant use - see SMG) of it's motion controls.

The reality is that Move is an alternative, it's fun and in some cases can be used with longer games (see RE5 especially) - but it's not supposed to replace the DS3 or anything else, just complement them.


matey3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

thats the problem if it were good tech the reviews wouldnt be this bad on all move games they tried to make a wiimote better and failed bad the wiimote is king

JoeReno3644d ago

I havent read one review where the Move controller was NOT a big improvement over the Wiimote. So keep dreaming troll.

Killed4Less3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

haha the very fact you guys can even suggest this place is slanted twords the 360 is so freakin off the chain that I don't know where to begin.

Go into any article on this site and see who has the loudest mouths. Go into ANY Kinect article and see who can't keep their mouths shut.

You get 1 troll and have the nerve to act like this place is 360 slanted. You act as loopy and stupid as you do about the console wars.. You would have to be dropped on your head or just a straight up bold face liar to even hint the entire N4G in any way slants twords 360.

It's rather shocking how people can literally shut their brain off and put themselves in their own little world.

JoeReno3644d ago

Seriously? When I was in this thread this morning, it was nothing but trolls. One troll my a$$. They were out in force like sharks to blood in the water.

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YOUR-MUM3644d ago

Waiting now to see the fighters uncaged review for the kinect.

killzowner3644d ago

Gonna take a guess judging from this hands on

rdgneoz33644d ago

"We can't have pure one to one. Which means doing a gesture and having exactly the same on screen, because its very difficult and there's lot of technical issues involved."

Didn't people bash The Fight at first when it was all gesture based? Also, nice 2 second lag on Fighters Uncaged.

Killed4Less3644d ago

Must deflect!!!!! Quick let's bring up Kinect!

It really can't get any worse than this giant steaming pile. You hope Uncaged get's 1/10

3644d ago
mac_sparrow3644d ago

wow. I'll admit that I'm still going to rent the fight and try it as I like the idea, but that Fighters Uncaged looks like a can can dancer would beat a UFC fighter.

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SpideyNut3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

In order to play this exclusive MOVE title, you are instructed NOT to move? LOL....that's full of win...and fail...all rolled into one big disaster. :D

sarshelyam3644d ago

...almost as big a disaster as Deca Sports and their Kinect FPS.

Who are you kidding? If the game required you to move all over the place you'd be moving into furniture, hitting people...staying stationary is more of a design choice with safety in mind rather than a flaw in the tech.

There's a reason why this game can support 2 players, while Kinect's "Fighters Uncaged" cannot.

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