Should we welcome Apple to mainstream gaming?

CVG: Big names and even bigger figures were thrown about all over the place last week when Apple was rumoured to have something in the region of 51 billion dollars to spend on the acquisition of a company.

We can't even imagine how 51 billion would fit on a bank statement let alone what kind of things it could buy in terms of intellectual property, companies... Maybe even souls?

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SkyCrawler3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

For innovative purposes through competition...sure but if it adds to the already cesspool of nonsense that is this console war, then no.

MiloGarret3644d ago

Imagine Apple fanboys coming to n4g.

Oh the humanity...

OT: this is my spontaneous reaction

FragMnTagM3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I don't want steve jobs at the helm of my favorite past time. No sir.

steve30x3644d ago

Apple is too expensive to do gaming consoles. If they done a console it would be over 1000 euro.

jeeves863644d ago

That would suck. I mean...every iPod I've ever owned has needed repairs or replacement, and I'm pretty good with my stuff. And I was looking at some mac books and a friend told me that there are issues where the palm rest cracks, and this is apparently a common issue with mac books.

It just fucking breaks? It just cracks from being used normally?

Apple is a niche market in gaming, they've struck the same oil that Nintendo did a few years ago.