Top 5 of Gaming's Greatest Antiheroes

"Not every hero is a young, intelligent, and nuscle-bound man with a taste for wearing insanely tight spandex unitards complete with a cape waving in the wind and wearing his underwear on the outside. In fact, despite their appearance, some of the videogame world’s most impressive and popular protagonists have been unusual figures with qualities atypical to those generally associated with the traditional ‘saviour of the world’ story."

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vgchica3647d ago

Kratos, my amazing and misunderstood hero. No part of you is anti... wexcept anti-xbox.

vgn243647d ago

That's a badass costume the Kratos guy is wearing. That guy could be in the God of War movie. Please let there be a God of War movie. :)

gillri3645d ago

Top 5 of Gaming greatest douche's

1. Kratos
2. Kratos
3. Kratos
4. Kratos
5. Kratos