WorthPlaying: Front Mission Evolved Review

WorthPlaying: "By all accounts, the Front Mission series games should have had more success in North America, especially during the PlayStation era. A strategy game from the same developer that made Final Fantasy Tactics, it replaced the common medieval fantasy setting with a more futuristic one, featuring mechs and became a wildly popular series in its home country. The series was never more than a blip on the radar here, resulting in a few games never being published in North America due to expected low sales. For the current generation of consoles, Square Enix has decided to give the series another shot. Instead of going with the realm of strategy RPG, the publisher decided to go with an approach that would appeal to Western audiences and asked developer Double Helix to help them accomplish that task. Front Mission Evolved is now an action shooter, and while some may not like the genre change, others may have been expecting more from the game."

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