You're In The Movies: A Casual Experience With Kinect's 2008 Predecessor

Kombo: Towards the end of last year (but prior to Project Natal's announcement), I was mulling over the used game section in my local gaming store when my girlfriend tapped me on the shoulder and gestured to the Xbox 360 Accessories section. Towards the bottom of the shelf was an Xbox LIVE Vision Camera bundled with the 2008 casual gaming experiment, You're In The Movies, with a price tag of $19.99. We took the device home and spent time playing a few rounds of what amounted to an interactive movie-themed casual-party-gimmick fest culminating in a campy movie trailer with our likenesses inserted for good measure. By the end of it, both of us were physically exhausted from the minigames and laughing like crazy at the movie trailer.

And something dawned on me - I had more fun than I thought I would.

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