Five Things We Love About Kinect (RunDLC)

Microsoft plans to launch its new camera, Kinect, this Thursday. Although the device has some cheesy commercials, both it and most of the games are enjoyable. So much so, that we anticipate plenty of sold out retailers and happy consumers, eager to set up the peripheral and enter (or re-enter, if they purchased EyeToy) hands free gaming.

We’re quite fond of Kinect, and that being said, want to share the five things we love most about it, starting with…

John Artest (RunDLC)

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T9X693645d ago

Good sign for Kinect so far, now we just have to see what other critics have to say. I'm actually thinking about going to the launch party in Times Square today just to check it out and see how the final product actually works, even though I have no intentions on buying it.

killzowner3644d ago

I doubt any hardcore gamers will have intentions of buying it