Eurogamer Interview: The future of Need for Speed revealed

Eurogamer: "Patrick Soderlund is a busy man. He's in charge of EA's driving and shooting games. Think about that workload for a second.

Battlefield (and all that involves), Medal of Honor, Mirror's Edge, Need for Speed (itself a spiralling franchise made up of numerous titles), Burnout and more are under his jurisdiction. And so, as the launch of Criterion's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit nears, Eurogamer catches up with Soderlund to ask about the future of not only NFS, but... Well, everything."

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crematory3644d ago

good read,thanks for the poster

JBaby3433644d ago

Car physics seemed kind of off but it was still fun. Definitely reminded me of NFS:HP 2 that I put hours and hours into. I'm not sure if it's good to release a new one each year though. In sports games you can update rosters at least but in this there's only so much you can do with cars. We'll see though.