Universal Launches New HD DVD Website

The Blu-ray camp has been speculating (or hoping) that Universal will abandon exclusive support for HD DVD and opt for both HD formats. However, Universal has just launched a new consumer portal to promote and support all things Universal HD DVD. The website is still a work-in-progress, with new sections and features being added and updated. Universal promises that additional content will be made available only to registered users of the site, including trailers and other exclusive material.

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Lucreto4067d ago

They could still make another site or update for blu-ray if they go neutral. It would be like the statement about no price drop on the PS3 and later that week there was.

ktchong4067d ago

then what makes you even suggest that they will ever go neutral?

Lucreto4067d ago

I have seen this mentioned on other sites saying a new web site promoting that product means they will never go neutral. I was just saying the new site doesn't mean anything and may still go neutral.

beavis4play4067d ago

who cares? really, is this format thing that imp. to you? to everyone, just buy what you want and let the chips fall. either format looks good and it will come down to software sales, just like games. what the website means is they are wanting to support what they sell. doesn't mean it won't change. so everyone giving psychotic support to these companies: grow up. they companies don't care how many arguements you start to support them-they just care about our MONEY.

damnwrx4067d ago

So, why bother registering to there website, I know I'm not.