Xbox 360 system update and the Pirates

Microsoft is working for over a year on a new security for the games on Xbox 360

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rodeoo3650d ago

ohh good another article about the same bs that has already been cracked!!

ryuzu3650d ago

They're worried that pirates will be able to copy the Kinect games and play them using a PS2 EyeToy Cam hehe. Got to make sure people have to buy MS's cam now ;)


AllroundGamer3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

good one :) probably EyeToy would detect the movements better even with its old technology :)) just don't write such comment in an Kinect article, those territories are heavily guarded by the great Kinect worshippers and you would definitely see many many disagrees and probably loose a bubble ;) so watch yourself, the evil spirits are rising...

branchedout3650d ago

@ AllroundGamer

You must've forgotten you're on N4G.

Even now he's gotten 17 agrees and a mere 3 disagrees.

Killed4Less3650d ago

You jerks just can't even comment in a 360 news article without trolling can you? It's just not possible is it?

Don't you have a lite bright to go waggle to some 3/10 shovelware game? Already bored of it are you? At least Move lasted a bit longer than the EyeToy did.. eh trolling along..

nilamo3650d ago

Wow you guys are really clueless when it comes to technology.

AllroundGamer3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

i know i know, but still i'm little shocked how many Kinect "hardcore" defenders started to appear just about a month ago, and i don't think any hardcore gamers or anyone with at least some brain would defend such product, but those aren't probably hardcore gamers but just company puppets obeying their master...

@Jason 360 or maybe some of us had enough of the MS brainwashing... (and no i don't have or will buy Move, i had a Wii long time ago and sold it after a month, cause i'm not into casual games). But since you are one of the elite x360 fanboys on N4G you can't understand what i'm saying anyway :p

JasonPC360PS3Wii3650d ago

We could play all the Move games on the Wii since their all ports anyway. Now that the PS3 has been JailbrokenPS3 fanboys can use Kinect since we all know you want it. Considering the amount of time you spend in anything Kinect related it's obvious you all want Kinect.

BARF3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

i love the logic on this site. kinect is an eye toy rip off, but the move isnt a wii rip-off. ps3 fanboys really are a sad group of people. if these pathetic morons werent threatened they wouldnt troll every kinect article.

and the ps3 fanboys say xbox users are children. pathetic.

i bought the move week 1. i tried to return in within a week an a half, but i couldnt because you cant return the sports bundle. the move isnt anything special. its really nothing more than wii hd. I REGRET BUYING IT everytime i see it. i think the fanboys know this and thats why they troll xbox article. this isnt even a kinect article and these morons cant control themselves.

Nitrowolf23650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

technically BARF updating against pirates means you cant download Kinect games so in a sense this does relate to kinect. And also looking at it from a Sony Fanboy the same can be applied to 360 fanboys, just like they troll into MOVE article calling it a Wii rip off and saying Kinect isn't a PS Eye Rip-off. It's the same exact thing on each side. You might not like Move but i do, been enjoying and yes it is an upgraded Wii Mote, just like Kinect is pretty much an upgraded eyetoy

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tinybigman3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

i think people should come to the realization that there's nothing M$ can do to stop the hackers, their security is just not that good. Sony held out for almost 4 yrs until someone sold them out lol.

VINNIEPAZ3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

"those territories are heavily guarded by the great Kinect worshippers'

Ummm, no. Its quiet the opposite. Its guarded by PS3 fanboys.

See AllroundGamer thats why you fanboys will never get it. Nobody is really over hyped about kinect around here. And out of the 500+ PS3 trolls in every kinect topic you have some people that want to try kinect and they get labeled as "Kinect worshippers"

Simple fact is the fanboys are writing more troll remarks in the kinect articles then remarks made by the people that actually want it. It really is sad.

AllroundGamer3650d ago

calling me a fanboy eh? see my bio what platforms i owned in my lifetime, and i'm old enough to see, that there is no purpose to defend any company. I never attacked here anyone who just wanted to try Kinect, only making fun of the blind Kinect/MS fanboys who see Kinect as the second coming of Jesus :D

vhero3650d ago

There is a new anti-piracy on black ops that was leaked the other day. Seems MS wanted to get the ban hammer out ready for Kinect and COD launch to boost console sales hoping people would probably buy Kinect bundles instead of a solus console.

MGRogue20173650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

... Over a year?

And, It has been bypassed already.. LOL

Microsoft = FAIL.

Paradise Lost3650d ago

Microsoft fail at even patching up pc security updates, you people actually think they can secure the 360 from pirates?

LolololRumz3650d ago

They need to take a few lessons from Sony on security to hold off the pirates, but with them not even giving in on blu-ray it's pretty doubtfull

divideby03650d ago

this will go on forever for the 360, PC and the PS3 (I still dont know one single person in real life who has a hacked PS3). As for the 360 I know of 3 and the PC, countless

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