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Eurogamer writes: EA's admitted Danger Close and DICE's recently released Medal of Honor reboot "didn't meet our quality expectations". However, the gargantuan game maker denied the Afghanistan shooter was a failure, and promised gamers next time it'll make "something they appreciate more".

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zoks3103644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

So why did you release it?

This game had so much potential, but like always EA dropped the ball. And i dont know how DICE messed up the online half of this game. MOH dont have that DICE Battlefield polish to it, it feels as if DICE did not want to work on the multiplayer but EA forced them. For me and im sure a lot of other DICE fans MOH multiplayer really hurts the DICE reputation.

The single player was cool, but the multiplayer make Slant Six's SOCOM seem like HALO.
So i agree with EA on those quality issues, but it wont be long, after November the 9th MOH will fall back into its black-hole, right where EA left it.

koehler833644d ago

Agreed. You don't even THINK about giving a release date until the quality is already there.

If it's not ready, then don't ship it.

DirtyLary3644d ago

COD:BO determined the release date.

toaster3644d ago

MoH is not predominantly a multiplayer game though. DICE totally went the wrong way with this game. MoH is known for it's singeplayer. With this generation though, more devs seem to want to tack on multiplayer to make a game worth coming back to. Singleplayer is an afterthought, and I do not like that. Devs are succumbing to the legions of Call of Dooty tards who expect MP in their games and find that the only merit a game has is in its multiplayer.

orange-skittle3644d ago

That's exactly what happened. This was not a DICE game. EA put some of the DICE team on this project to get it out faster and market it as a DICE project because of the success of BFBC2. They didnt even use the same engine, because the game was developed before they touched it. EA should just dump money into the Battlefield IP and leave MOH alone. Battlefield is the only shooter to come close to rival Activisions COD franchise, so that's where the target should be.

Ravenor3644d ago

Confrontation worked the same as SOCOM 2. The community asked for it, the Confrontation bashing has got to stop.

zoks3103644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I bought Socom Confrontation day one, although i must say its better today the 1st 6 months of that game was pure hell. and with no .Single player a lot of Socom fans gave up on that game.
The "Confrontation gate" or "Slant Six" incident nearly killed the Socom franchise. To a lesser extent EA just did this to MOH again, they basically rebotted the game to kill it all over again.

The_Claw3644d ago

couldnt agree more

ea should change their slogan to "profits first, gamers second"

jjohan353644d ago

lol EA bastards.

"We'll do better next time so remember to shell out $60 on our next game. Too bad for the rest of you who paid $60 for this game."

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dirthurts3644d ago

I however played the beta and didn't like it...

tacosRcool3644d ago

I am loving this game and with the free DLC being released today I'm gonna have some fun tonight!

The_Claw3644d ago

judging a game based on the beta = epic fail

Bass_fisherman3644d ago

The singleplayer did its part by being outstanding but the multiplayer felt way to rushed.

Shackdaddy8363644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Well, at least they are planning on trying again:

"However, the gargantuan game maker denied the Afghanistan shooter was a failure, and promised gamers next time it'll make 'something they appreciate more'."

I liked this MoH too but I thought it fell a little short of its expectations. I bet the next one will be good now that they have a foundation to work on...

I dont think they will use DICE again because thats what a lot of people had a problem with.

BXbomber3644d ago

Screw all the hate, the game is decent and honestly I'm having fun with the online

matey3644d ago

i bet the wii version of COD black ops will look better than this lets wait and see if im right before u bash me

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