Call of Duty Black Ops: First 15 Minutes Are Impressive (Singleplayer Action)

Watch the first 15 minutes from the Call of Duty Black Ops singleplayer campaign.

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Croash3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

This was mind-blowing for sure, 15 minutes of pure awesomeness.

I really hope the whole campaign is as great as what I've just watched.

I think I need to elaborate. I've completed both MWs' campaigns, and while I believe the whole boat sequence for MW 1 was really great and intense, the way Black Ops begins is outstanding.
Can't judge the whole storyline of course, but I am interested in knowing what happens after these 15 mins.
Plus the game looks beautiful, and that wasn't in HD.

I'm not judging Black Ops, I'm not going to say CoD is bound to fail or CoD is the best thing ever created, but as a Solo-only gamer, I really thought it was a great way to start a campaign and I really hope Treyarch delivers.

And even if it ends being a 5-6 hours only Solo, if it's as immersive and as action-packed than the opening, it will be praise-worthy.
Let's also hope the multiplayer component of the game will succeed in being one of the best multi experience for a FPS.

lazysey3644d ago

The multiplayer is already a given. Also Treyarch said on Gametrailers that the campaign will last 8 hours on the easiest difficulty. Considering I beat God of War III on easy in 7hours 59 minutes, this should more than satisfy the average single player gamer.

I.E GOWIII, was just an example single player campaign

Croash3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Well I do hope they're right about that!

I played MW2's campaign directly in Veteran and it took me 10 hours to finish it (mostly because of too much trial and error) but I had a lot of fun while playing it.

Same goes for God of War 3, did it in Titan and it took me 10 hours, with only a few hard places where I kept dying (some still remember the infamous cerberus + 2 satyrs scene), but I enjoyed every second of it.

The whole point is, a single player experience must be great from the intro sequence to the ending to fully satisfy the player. Castlevania and Vanquish are great exemples.

Blacktric3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Here's the YouTube link.

Edit: Wow krisq beat me to it :). Sorry for posting.

Crazyglues3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

-Yeah I'm with you on this one, I'm really excited now, love the way it started... should be a pretty cool campaign -can't wait..

Love the Graphics -they seem really polished and stepped up a lot from MW2... so should be fun...

Some people may be tired of the FPS market, -but I think there is still room for the one's who do it right, and this one seems to be done right..

I like the way they captured it.. they seem to have added more drama and intense type of feel to the war... will it be the greatest game ever -probably not.

But it sure as hell is going to be a lot of fun, and keep me really busy while I wait for GT5.. Defiantly looks worthy of being in the video game collection.

So if you didn't pre-order yet, go ahead and get that out of the way now, Amazon still has that 20 bucks thing going on so what are you waiting for... -See you Nov people


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Bass_fisherman3644d ago

Seen the first 15 seconds and i already know that this game will pwn MW2 singleplayer cause it starts with character development! character development!!!! OMFG!!! xD

lazysey3644d ago

You must be misinformed because the game manifests on over 9000 flashbacks. Good luck with that though.

Bass_fisherman3644d ago

lol if those flashbacks are actual story fine by me

neonlight453644d ago

I'm not watching it because I want to be surprised.

Jac5al3644d ago

The campaign is going to be EPIC!

RockmasteR3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I feel that when the game will be released by then we'll watch all the campaign as a "leaked gameplay", SO PLEASE STOP TEASING!!!! :P

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