London MCM Expo Achieves Record Attendance

Last weekend's London MCM Expo saw record attendance figures, show organisers have revealed. Closing out this year's London Games Festival, the event saw around 46,500 visitors come through the doors over the Halloween weekend, breaking the record set at the previous MCM Expo in May 2010.

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jaredhart3647d ago

glad they broke a few records!

xino3647d ago

Because the show is really not for games, just for geeks, weabos, cosplayers, anime otaku junks, sci-fi, movie addicts (horror) fans for the show. And if you happen to be in one of those list and love games too then you can play a few games.

EGE is a show based only on games!

With this news, let's hope more publishers will support this show and bring in more games.

Cajun Chicken3647d ago

I cosplayed as Travis Touchdown over the two days, come on, who else was there? Surely some others from N4G was there. I got some awesome pics too.

knifefight3647d ago

Good for the Eurogamers out there. Even as a Yank, it bothers me that PAL territories get stuff last or gets passed over completely, so often.