25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

Fallout: New Vegas is good. Is it perfect? No. In hardcore mode, the rate at which you die from thirst isn’t high enough. I demand to die faster! Luckily, there’s a mod for that. In fact, there are lots of mods. There are tweaks that alter the weight of scrap metal, there are difficulty mods that turn you into a wimp and jack up your foes until they hit like a sack of broken glass, there are mods that turn this or that female companion into that girl from Code Geass, and there’s even a mod that makes stimpaks weigh more than you could possibly carry.

Most of them suck, though. Here are twenty five that don’t.

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codyodiodi3650d ago

But shouldn't this be "All the New Vegas mods"? How many are there, seriously?

toaster3650d ago

A lot. You never know with mods, some modders don't even publish their creations. Like I said in another article, mods will keep a game up and running long after the console version is forgotten. It's also sad that users have to fix a broken game because the devs are lazy. A lot of mods fix bugs, glitches and makes games run better. The mods in this list make for a better experience in New Vegas and that is almost always the case with any mod, you have a game and you want to tailor it to the way you want to play. That's the beauty of PC gaming. You have choices.

A lot of mods also have ZERO performance hit, so you can pile on all the mods you need without your game slowing to a crawl.

Lifendz3649d ago

Times like this I really wish I had a gaming PC (insert the obligatory "I thought all PS3 gamers owned gaming rigs" comment).

I was really looking forward to this game but it appears that it's incredibly buggy and I just don't think that's acceptable. Between the speedy patches and the mods, the PC game looks great.

Nihilism3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


forcefullLOD=1 ( unsure if that is the exact wording )

Is literally a 0% performance hit for a 50% increase in objects on screen and a massive draw distance increase, the next one is.



Those values are a 10 fold increase in draw distances of other tress and buildings ( the first command only applies to certain tree types.

Lastly, ( but not least ) is:

uGridsToLoad=7 ( instead of =5 ) if you have a 5870, 470, 580 or 5970 )

Here are comparison shots between beginning and end results, these were taken with my 3 year old GPU with no AA...



The best mode, like Toaster said, are not mods at all, but rather .ini tweaks.


Just to head off console QQ:

Gameplay shots:

Nihilism3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

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You= pick a Britney clip, any clip...

Christopher3649d ago

There are at least 100 mods for FNV that won't crash your system. People who create them are very rabid and tend to put something out quickly when it utilizes a system familiar to them. Many of them are just updates to F3 mods.

Letros3649d ago

1323 files on New Vegas Nexus, enjoy!

MagicAccent3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

How many?

Well, as of this moment there are about 1329 mods posted on the internet, and an unknown number of private modifications, of which, for example, I have 5.

So, at the very least there are 1334 mods out there.

And as far as the "best mods" go, I can't say that hardly any of these qualify, considering what's already out there.

vhero3649d ago

there are over 1000 mods already as most the fallout 3 mods are already ported to new vegas

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Ravenor3649d ago

And this is why I can never play Fallout 3 or New Vegas on the PS3. I need the mods, can't play this without them.

visualb3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

most muti.plat games are fine, because they don't get much modding

but games like fallout and elder scrolls are a MUST on PC because of the modding

I currently have about 20 mods working (all pretty small) that just made the game completely different, and warrant a 2nd play through

number 14 and 15 change the gameplay so much its almost a completely different experience.

i find myself actually being scared of encounters now, using more strategy and being WAY more careful.

i'd also recomend explosion knockdown

- explosions actually knock down your enemies (and yourself) which makes a HELL of a difference both for realism (it strange to have a mine explode and have your enemy running at you like nothing happened) and strategically as well (explosions do something now other than take a little bit more health)

mistajeff3649d ago

anyone who loves the old school fallouts would love this UI mod:

3649d ago
Matthew943649d ago

pc it only does everything

antwin3649d ago

It's true :/ last one we had was like 5 years ago. The PC is by far the way to go for mutliplats unless you prefer the social side of gaming but you can't miss out on console exclusives, best games of this or any gen imo

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