MCV Interview: Kudo Tsunoda

Michael French meets the mind behind Xbox 360 Kinect.

At first glance Kudo Tsunoda looks like an aloof gaming rockstar.

The hair. Those sunglasses. Expensive casual dress that belies his senior role at Microsoft. A career softography littered with hits like Fight Night and Gears of War. He’s even graced the cover of Wired.

Yet appearances can be deceiving. No one knows it better than Tsunoda, who is masterminding the introduction of Kinect. Yes, it’s ‘just’ a clever camera peripheral. But the potential is huge. And when MCV meets Tsunoda there is no rockstar attitude. He’s not even wearing his trademark glasses. He’s just a passionate, friendly and funny game developer and producer – with a keen desire to herald a fresh era for Xbox using 360’s new eye in the living room.

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