Developers hit out at new Xbox dashboard

A number of developers have criticised Microsoft's new Kinect-focused dashboard for - in their eyes at least - making Indie Games less visible to Xbox 360 users.

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xYLeinen3649d ago

As a hardcore next gen console I cannot fathom and see how Kinect will be a good thing for Microsoft when their fanbase are full of dedicated gamers who are interested in hardcore titles.

There is no way they will keep up with Kinect, hardcore games, indie games and timed exclusives at the same time.

Casualizing the Xbox 360 is the worst thing they can do.

logikil3649d ago

As a hardcore gamer I can see where you might come from, but from a business standpoint your suggestion makes no sense. There are a finite number of hardcore gamers out there. If all you do is rely on those gamers for your user base, it will stagnate. That's simply true. Things like the wii, facebook games, and pop cap games, along with gaming on the iphone prove definitively that the casual gaming market is huge. MS would be stupid to not try to cut into that market. This is the problem with the folks on N4G. Everyone thinks about things with such a narrow viewpoint, when it simply isn't the reality of things. Kinect and casual games isn't going to erase the hardcore games that MS has on their systems. It's not like once Kinect comes out they will release a Halo version of Bejeweled.

visualb3649d ago

maybe coming from a fan of the console and being a real gamer...

financially, it might be the other way around...then you have to ask yourself

do you really think MS cares about what you think? they want the house wives and the untapped market.

sounds harsh but, I don't see anothe rreason (they aren't doing it because they want you to be angry, they just neglect one to please the other, cant please everyone)

baodeus3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

why would they abandon the core gamers, when they already sold >40 millions without kinect? Why not making games for both core and casual gamers. Would you say x360 is very capable of doing that (x360 is not limited like the wii and it is very capable of making current gen games)?

If you say they care about making more money, why would they suddenly drop the <40 millions users for the sake of a new unproven peripheral? How would that help them making money?

Great comment.

kaveti66163649d ago

What makes you think these corporations care about what you want, in particular? They follow the money.

If Sony wasn't tied down by all of its studios, it would go the way of Microsoft. Microsoft didn't buy a lot of studios because they don't like commitment. They always have one foot out the door in any market they venture into. Now, they're following the money with casuals. MS doesn't care about anybody, they only care about money. But that goes for Sony as well. Sony doesn't care about you, either. Don't think that they do.

Imperator3649d ago

The only thing Kinect is good for is extending the 360's life span which will in turn mean that there won't be new consoles for a while. Other then that, it's just crap that destroying core gaming on the 360. Good thing I have a PS3.

kaveti66163649d ago

You also have plenty of time to talk about 360 instead of playing your PS3. Not a good thing.

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TrevorPhillips3649d ago

Hardcore games will start to show up for Kinect in 1 year or 2 years time.

xYLeinen3649d ago

I guess it's a matter of preference, but do you really want hardcore games on Kinect rather with controllers?

I mean, isn't Kinect in it self a casual device?

OSU_Gamer3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

You are definitely right...a Kinect driven console will result in hardcore gamers suffering, but from a profit and money standpoint, for MS, the casual market has proven to outnumber the hardcore market.


Fanboys are fanboys....and they exist for both systems.

D4RkNIKON3649d ago

I agree. The casual market is bigger and more profitable than the core market. Just look at how the creator of Farmville is worth more than EA. It's a shame. On the bright side, 360 gamers can still play their favorite game, SALES!

logikil3649d ago

You're making an assumption that there is no way to integrate Kinect with a controller interface to utilize both. I don't quite get why people gloss over this when they discuss the future of Kinect. Naysayers always lead and end with its a casual control scheme and it will never have core games. That's an impossible prediction to make and it goes completely contrary to what MS themselves have said is possible with Kinect.

radphil3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


Look at also the shady **** he's done to get that far too. Do you REALLY think this whole situation is good in the long run?

The casual market shouldn't thrive to accept low-level products. There's excellent stuff out there like Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled, etc that's also on the casual level, yet at the same time, has quality to it.

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Matthew943649d ago

who is gonna wait 2 years?

8-bit3649d ago

What makes anyone think that MS will still be supporting Kinect in 2 years?

blumatt3649d ago

What makes anyone think that MS will still be supporting the 360 in 2 years? lol I mean look what they did with the original Xbox. They pretty much dropped support for it and moved on to the next system (360). At least Sony still supports the hell out of the PS2 years after the PS3 launched. Although, now, I believe it's getting about time that Sony lets the PS2 die since it's had a good run and the PS3 should be the focal point for Sony for the next few years until the PS4 comes out around 2013.

OSU_Gamer3649d ago

"I believe it's getting about time that Sony lets the PS2 die since it's had a good run"

I'm not sure if you have seen the sales of the PS2....They are absolutely collecting on it.

logikil3649d ago

Comparing what MS did with the Original Xbox to what they will do with the 360 moving forward is apples and oranges. MS did not own any of the chip design for the OG Xbox, every component was essentially an off the shelf PC component. In order to keep that system alive, they would have had to pay companies such as intel and Nvidia to maintain production of components that they would have wanted to move away from. Fiscally it simply made more sense to drop support for the OG Xbox and put all of their resources behind the 360. It's an old and tired comparison. MS owns the 360 design soup to nuts. Thats why they have been able to adjust the core chip design for the system moving forward. The 360 will continue to be supported moving forward.

A Cupcake for Gabe3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Unless I missed it somewhere, the words "Kinect" is nowhere to be found on the camera. It just says Xbox 360.

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gigaware3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Nah I say by summer.

On topic
Anyways the indie section is no more hidden than anything else like finding videos and demos. If you say otherwise you are either trying to bait fanboys into bashing or you have not spent any time with the new dash. So are developers worried gamers will have to learn one more category to play their demos? Nope

All content categories are one step back placed in a category group. Was Microsoft trying to hide the add-on section too? lol

sayonara893649d ago

Kinect (like ET before) is too limited for "HC" games. Kinect is ideal for fitness and dance games, all other genres plays like shit.

Christopher3649d ago

@Agent-X: Any proof as such? Or, is this something a few of the people on the site keep repeating to themselves to maintain hope that it will come true?

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plb3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

All MS gaming division cares about now is Kinect. They don't care about core or indie games anymore. Casual 360 should be the new name. They've been going after the casual market ever since they introduced the Wii like avatars.

offdawall3649d ago ShowReplies(1)
Soco3649d ago

When I turn on my 360 I feel like I am playing with a toy. The interface looks like it was borrowed from a Leapfrog product targeted at the 6-9 age group.

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