Black Ops story secrets revealed, 'f*cks' and 'b*tches' aplenty

The UK ratings body reveals that Black Ops is "a military first-person shooter in which the player takes the role of a member of an elite C.I.A. covert action team operating during the Cold War and attempting to stop the threat of a Soviet chemical weapons project".

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Dannycr3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I can confirm that. I saw the 15min video of the first mission and there were a lot of curses in Spanish, but, there is some seriously poor translation to some sentences from (military) English to Spanish like:

Hombre abajo = Man down

That's just plain wrong and extremely silly. They sound like North American people trying to mimick cuban accent, but it sounds off and they should have done a better job with the Military language from the cuban army to make it more believable, they simply translated typical USA military jargon to spanish.

Kojima was the only one who did it right with Peacewalker.

AmehdGutierrez3649d ago

Hombre abajo does mean man down lmfao

Dannycr3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

let me help you, looks like you have extremely poor reading skills:

"there is some seriously poor translation to some sentences from (military) English to Spanish like:

Hombre abajo = Man down"

get it?

Let me help you again, this is just for slow people like you:

In-game they say Hombre abajo.

Translating Man Down to Hombre Abajo is what they did and it's wrong.

A better translation would be Hombre Caido. Meaning that someone is dead or injured.

Get it? or is it really that hard for you?

INehalemEXI3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I'm going to assume that the point is that they do not say man down/Hombre abajo when a comrade is injured?

Honestly I really don't know what they say in reality.

extermin8or3649d ago

no we get it.. but whats wrong with that? they might say man down? (in spanish) how do you know what they might or might not say or they might say "down man" as European languages are often the other way round in which case the translation that makes sense in english is still "man down"

gamerdude1323649d ago

Um, Danny, AmehdGutierrez was right. Man down = Hombre Abajo. In the military, they don't say, "man dead" or "man injured", they say fucking "man down". If my fluent Spanish wasn't enough proof, I ran it through Babblefish and what does it say? Let me copy and paste it for you: Hombre abajo.


Dannycr3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

In spanish, you do not say Hombre Abajo. "Abajo" is a position in spanish, the "down" position, Hombre "Herido" (injured) or Hombre "Caido" "Fallen", sounds more like what a spanish speaking person would use. I live in a country with no army (Costa Rica) so I definitely don't know a lot of spanish military jargon, but, it just sounds wrong and, to me at least, it sounds like they just translated US military jargon into spanish and sounds extremely silly. It's the only thing that I disliked about this game (not that it will make me not buy it) and I'm used to it cause it happens all the time. Just a minor complain that I wanted to vent.


Yes, in the US military they say MAN DOWN, not in spanish speaking military. Get it? Do i have to make drawings and power points presentations too?

Let me help me and you with another example:

English = "You're going down" (when you say it like you are threatening someone).

Literal translation = "Tu vas hacia abajo"
Normal/popular Spanish use = "Vas a caer", "vas a perder"

The literal translation of Man Down is Hombre Abajo, but doesn't mean it's correctly or normally used in spanish.

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