Could Warner Bros. Go HD DVD Exclusive?

With yesterday's formal announcement of the new HD-DVD player from Venturer, one must wonder whether the other shoe is about to drop in the HD-DVD-Blu-Ray format war.

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Bloodmask4071d ago

that Warner could be next to go HDDVD exclusive. Why else would they list the virtues of the HDi technology on their website. Not to mention that they haven't ben releasing anything on Bluray really either.

I think there is more going on with these cheap $199 DVD players behind the scene than anyone knows except Toshiba. Even Michael Bay mentioned them in his weblog. After the Paramount exclusive deal was announced.

Overall this Holiday those cheap $199 players will be flying off the shelves. The casual market will determine the format as they always have. This seems like Betamax/VHS all over again.

If it is one thing history has shown it is that price can be a very motivating driving force for sales.

Just look at the Wii in retrospect.

DJ4071d ago

and its sales have been dropping like a rock. Explain that one.

Whoooop4071d ago

You?? agreeing with a "RUMOR" about Warner possible going HDDVD exclusive? Really???

Great effort trying NOT to sound like a fanboy.. almost got me...

WaggleLOL4071d ago

Nothing but stupid fanboys care about the dead HD-DVD format anymore.

150 million dollars from Microsoft to keep HD-DVD on life support.

xfrgtr4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

This article is not a rumor,it's an opinion by a well known pro HDDVD

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Fighter4071d ago

I'm sure this will start a flame war from certain users but a rumor is a rumor until the studios make it official. I'm sure I read a post where Warner re-iterated their stance on being neutral rather than exclusive. I think they had 30% of the Hi-def market shares from both formats.

300 and The Departed sold more on blu-ray while Batman Begins and the Matrix Trilogy were in the top ten in total hi-def sales for HD-DVD. Batman begins is not available on Blu-ray and the Matrix trilogy is said to arrive on Blu-ray soon but there is no official date released so this rumor may have some weight after all.

power of Green 4071d ago

I'm sure you do.

You don't support HD-DVD why do you care so much?.

Fighter4071d ago

But this is news for everyone. I don't see a sign anywhere saying XBOX 360 and HD DVD supporters only.

I'm sure I saw your many of your comments on PS3 and Blu-ray related articles. Why do you care if you don't support them?

Don't be a hypocrite.

power of Green 4071d ago

I avoid 90% of them most are 360 or HD-DVD related that I do comment on. As for you have been in every HD-DVD thread spewing very desperate comments.

I Don't really care about PS3 or Blu-ray its the manner inwhich Sony fanboys post PS3/Bluray news trying to bash the other side while praising PS3 & BD(example: if this was BD news posted by a Sony fan the header would be HD-DVD lost another or HD-DVD is going down fast or support is jumping HD-DVD's ship, do you understand?) that draws in a fight and thats when you'll see me; as that is the purpose of the slanderish style you Sony people post news.

Sure you might see me in a PS3 only thread but you won't see me seeking out that same subject and evertime saying the same sh*t in every one.

Fighter4071d ago

Why do you have to start a flame war? No wonder so many users have put you in their ignored list. Grow up.

beavis4play4069d ago

you do say exactly the same thing in every post you make regardless of the thread. you say 360 and HDDVD good and sony and everything connected to it is bad.

rukusa4071d ago

This is old and already debunked.

A warner representative said that they will remain neutral.

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