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"StarCraft 2 is anexcellent game, don't get me wrong. But a few tweaks here and there would make it perfect. Blizzard, I hope you're taking notes, cause here are a few surefire ways to make it the ultimate strategy game." - GameState

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WobblyOnion3645d ago

I think my biggest issues with ol' Starcraft 2 is that it's pretty much exactly the same as the first game, only with an extra level of sheen.

granthinds3645d ago

There is a lot of that talk going on. Contrary to the video, and it's tongue in cheek sensibility, i find it an excellent game. :)

Nihilism3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Agree + bubbles, blizard fanboys are far to quick to get defensive, I have been a massive fan of SC since the old school games and when I finally got home so excited I could have busted a nut....I just thought "is this it?".

It was just a re-skin, that's it, old units for new like units.

Supreme Commander for example has massive battles with easily upwards of 500 units on a map + the graphics are 50x as good as starcraft 2. I stopped playing SC2 after a week But I still go back to red alert and supcom because they, unlike starcraft 2 favour unit diversity. Rather than just spamming the same type of units and micro-ing for 10 minutes to win a match.

I would liken 'professional' SC players to 'professional' jugglers, it's applying a degree of skill to a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally easy task.


It's an awesome game, do the training, then go to the skirmish....the story in the campaign is horrible, ( Squeenix is to blame ) but the gameplay is more polished than SC2 or supcom 1. Awesome A.I and they have this pathfinding tech called 'flowfield'. which means you can have hundreds of units on screen and still have 45+ fps.

Suss out some youtube clips of epic battles, it's good stuff.

Letros3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I bought SupCom 2 on a Steam deal long ago, but have yet to play it...I need to get to that soon, I loved the MASSIVE battles in SupCom 1.

Calm Down Sunshine3645d ago

Well said yet again.

Each faction only ever using 2-3 unit types has always stopped me from really enjoying SC.

It's the custom games where I found most of the fun.

Letros3645d ago

K thanks for info, will fire it up tonight.

STK0263644d ago

Truth be told, SC2 might be more of the same, but I'd rather have a great game with great gameplay, even if it's similar to what I've played 10 years ago, rather than having Blizzard try to change everything, and end up with another RA3. In the last few years, many RTS franchises tried to incorporate some changes, and most of the time, it was disappointing or downright awful. Red Alert 3 and CnC4 being a disgrace to the WWS's legacy. And I never could get into Dawn of War 2, as it was too different from what I want in a RTS.

And while I would have liked to see some changes in the SC formula, I do understand that many SC fans probably didn't want that to happen. Chances are that WarCraft 4 will innovate a lot more than SC2 did.

grailly3644d ago

So... because it's too much like a game your a massive fan of, you don't like it? weird how people complain about SC2 being to much like SC, and yet ask for remake of every game they ever liked...

It's true, lower level players use a lot of the same units in their games, but if you play better you'll learn that tech switches could be very important, and better players will switch up their strategies. Also, the way I see it, SC2 isn't only about the battles but also about how you manage your resources, if you do that well, you could just build any unit and win(in plat-diamond level).

What happened to the "gameplay over graphics!" gamers throw around every now and then? I hear everybody complaining about SC2 graphics, and they aren't that ugly.

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vrylstminute3645d ago

You sir, are a silly man!

granthinds3645d ago

Haha! Depends which way you look at it! :)

tinman3645d ago

"Steaks and stuff"? LOL

granthinds3645d ago

We all know Call of Duty has lots of steaks and stuffs. It's Science.

WobblyOnion3645d ago

Lulz. I'd totally play a race of carebear my little ponies!

Darranged3645d ago

Starcraft hero, love it. At least we’ll get a starcraft game every year.

granthinds3645d ago

You're probably right... For the next 20 years we'll be getting 40 new StarCraft games... 10 of which will be on the DS.

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