Call of Duty Black Ops Golden Guns Gameplay Footage

With this new leaked video footage it seems all but confirmed that Golden Guns will be making a return to the COD series with Black Ops,

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Oldman1003649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

i love gooooold

TreMillz3649d ago


irepbtown3648d ago

LOOOl, i remember the double rainbow. Guy had a Orgasm.

BubbleSystemSuck3649d ago

And where is the Leprechaun Zombie?

BulletToothtony3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

i don't like the new red dot for the M16 damn it.. i was hoping for cod4 style red dot.. it obstructs the view way too much..

might use iron sight if it's gonna be that bad..

Phoenixxx_Blaze3649d ago

Its not too bad. And at least its customizable. But for a m16 i always like irons. But it almost seems cluttering like the red dot for the f2k/tar21 on mw2.

BubbleSystemSuck3649d ago

RED DOT are customizable... you can put a smiley face, a heart... etc

BulletToothtony3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

well i meant the actual size of the attachment.. not the dot..

Phoenixxx_Blaze3649d ago

The size is what i was referring to also, because it makes me think tar21/f2000 on mw2

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AusWarrior3649d ago

Wow looks great, now I just need to know how to unlock that camo...

Phoenixxx_Blaze3649d ago

you buy it after a certain prestige and after buying the other camos. Thats all i heard. not sure if its true but it wouldnt surprise me if it is

SillyBastid3649d ago

why does it look so cartoony? the layers do not seem very detailed... kind of reminds me of resistance

Simco8763649d ago

its set in a made up nuclear town.

You know... they ones that they built to test the effects of a nuclear weapon on homes and humans.

Inb4 video is yanked by Bobby boy

1233603649d ago

is this the wi version,its like the sims background.playing killzone beta so cartoony in comparision

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The story is too old to be commented.