Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit review - 93% in GamesMaster

GamesMaster has published the world's first Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit review - and given Criterion's new racer a glowing write-up.

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TrevorPhillips4049d ago

9.3 impressive score, cannot wait for this awesome game! :D

nix4049d ago

wait until the other reviews flow in... the cars were heavy/unresponsive demo... i want this game but i don't want it if it's another average game.

AssassinHD4049d ago

I experienced the same heaviness with the demo as well, but I am hopeful that the retail game will have that ironed out. A demo is not necessarily representative of the final product.

Jdoki4049d ago

I trust in Criterion.

Their track record is second to none for arcade racers.

I thought the cars felt challenging to drive.

Perjoss4049d ago

Most Wanted was a brilliant game, you really felt like you were in a police chase, or at least thats how I imagine it feels :) If Hot Persuit is anything like that I want in!

Gamehead364049d ago

I like the way they handle. it requires skill, and is realistic, yet arcadey at the same time. too many people are afraid of change!! give it a couple races and everything will be fine

nix4049d ago

@gameshead: you see that's the tricky part.. either go the GT way or make it arcadey. the in-between is really irritating! you won't know which way the game will swing.

Immortal3214049d ago

and that's why I believe this game is over rated

Jinxstar4049d ago

I really enjoyed the demo myself. Very hopeful for this game now. Was so under my radar before. Excited.

creatchee4049d ago

How is it that heavy/unresponsive controls are awesome and realistic in Killzone 2, but not a good thing in this game? WTF?

St04049d ago

I enjoyed the demo, didn't have a problem with sluggish turning some folks are saying, just feels more realistic to me. They could improve the roads a bit though, bit to strait and smooth, needs to be more hilly imo

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tacosRcool4049d ago

NFS is gonna be as great as all the other NFS games with the exception of the last few games

fossilfern4049d ago

Great score but to be honest I haven't read GamesMaster in years lol. Was a good mag but GamesTM is the one for me

likedamaster4049d ago

Keep in mind people, this is an arcade racer. What it should do well is arcade racing.

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KingPin4049d ago

finally!! a need for speed game thats worth getting :D last one i played was most wanted. well done criterion games :) thanks for making something special. DAY 1 buy for me

Nihilism4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

I'll wait for the GOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! version.

DLC announced before launch= delayed purchase. In the days of online only MP and 8hr campaigns, one has to be a smart consumer.

Last NFS game I played was a few years ago but I remember going from playing console racers to playing it on PC and my jaw dropped. Generation gap= confirmed.

The last 'leap' I saw in racing games was Project Gotham (1) on xbox....that was a mind blowing racing game. GT5 is definitely the next.

....and here I am waiting for GRID 2...


I was just trying to get on steam chat because I saw that you were on, but steam is so gay it won't even launch in offline mode. I went into offline mode to update and after updating steam doesn't even launch lololololololol

toaster4049d ago

Same here bro, if the devs announce DLC before the vanilla game releases then it's a no go for me.

dead_eye4049d ago

GRID was awesome. Always someone ready to overtake you.

Nihilism4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

"I went into online mode" i'm so drunk I can barely type, lol, you'll have to forgive me...

@ disagree

Apparently you think either my spelling was correct...or that I'm not drunk, I assure you that you are wrong on both counts.

likedamaster4049d ago

"....and here I am waiting for GRID 2..."

You're not alone in this.

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Genecalypse4049d ago

I surprisingly had a lot of fun with the demo

DelbertGrady4049d ago

Once you learn how to powerslide the controls fit like glove.

VMAN_014049d ago

I'm actually really impressed with the autolog system they've implemented, me and my friend have had a blast trying to beat each others times.

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