Critical Gamer: Vanquish review

Critical Gamer writes: On paper Vanquish is little more than a vide game by numbers: American good guys? Check. Evil Russian? Check. Robots? Check. Gruff male lead? Check. Gruffer male side-kick? Check? Massive weapons? Check? Sexy female support? Check. Outer space setting? Check. It reads like a multiple choice exam paper on gaming stalwarts. It goes on. Fire the game up and you’ll be struck by how much it resembles Halo. The lead character looks like a variant of Master Chief and the game takes place entirely on an orbiting space station in the shape of… a giant halo. And if there were nothing going for this game then we could all sign off here and go home, leaving a generic third person shooter in a puddle on the floor. But Vanquish is no more a poor man’s Halo than it is a bite-size Gears Of War. The parts might look like a bunch of gaming cliches held together with spit and vinegar, but as a whole they make a glorious, addictive game that never loses its suspension of disbelief

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big_silky3645d ago

without a doubt the sleeper hit of the year.