PAX 07: The Eye of Judgment Interview of Judgment


"The Eye of Judgment is coming. I played Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's card/video-game holographic mashup at PAX, and I'm somewhat ashamed to say I had a good time. It's foolish, but if someone were to walk in on me playing The Eye of Judgment by myself, I would be less embarrassed to be caught with my pants down, looking at some horrible Internet obscenity. Is that what Eye of Judgment means?"

"Regardless, Hasbro marketing director Christy Newton agreed to give me the details on the game, even after a grueling hour-long match in which I reclaimed some of the Shack's dignity editor-in-chief Chris Remo destroyed with five consecutive losses during his Comic-Con preview. Hasbro is a partner with SCEJ on the game, along with CCG giant Wizards of the Coast."

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crck4067d ago

Especially since its only $60 with all the extras.

s8anicslayer4067d ago

it does look very intriguing, i might get one

Chriswsm4067d ago

There is an interesting element to this game and if there is a quality camera at a decent price as part of the package I might have a go.

kiko894066d ago

i already pre ordered it on amazon for $60