Hating to love the Xbox 360

Critical Gamer writes: I got a 360 at release, and I loved it… to begin with. Three years, five RRoDs and two consoles later, I’d finally had enough. I had nothing against the console per se; my problem was with the fact that Microsoft had clearly rushed an unfinished, unacceptably unreliable product to market. Initially – many people choose to forget this – they even denied that there was a problem at all. The number of consoles crashing was “a small minority” that was no more than “normal” for a new machine. They would see no more of my money, I cried! Damned if I’ll even consider their next console, I declared (much to the consternation of the people around me at Sainsbury’s).

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MURKERR3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

360 Gave me some of my best gaming moments in 2006-2007 especially booting up gears for the first time so i wont bash the rrod i recieved.

EVILDEAD3603644d ago

LMFAO @ a fan bloggers still dusting off the 'I owned 300 Xboxs that died from the now I own a PS3''s going on 2011 and this is all the haters got?

How about writing about the console you do own..


MURKERR3644d ago

And was the cause of one of the highest defective rates for an electronic device bar none.

Many gamers including me suffered from it, this article isnt bashing 360 his stating his going to buy a Slim.

Seriously you fanboys get so touchy just because rrod was mentioned.

Jim Crikey3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

This article is about somebody who's buying an Xbox 360 again. How about you read more than the first sentence next time?

scruffy_bear3644d ago

He writing about getting a New Xbox 360 Slim, read the article next time and not the title

Eu3644d ago

when it doesnt happen to you. I saw it happening right in front of me. My friend treated the thing like it was a son (it took him a good 6 months to buy it - we work and have taxes to pay kids, its not mommy bough or anything like it - and the RRoD was becoming legendary by then). He went apeshit when it happend...the rest of us nearly bust a casket laughing but he was inconsolable..we went to a pub to get HIM smashed...hes a funny drunk.

EVILDEAD3603644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@evil...RROD wasnt a figment of our imagination it was real

LOL and the 300,000 articles that followed for the last 5 years weren't a figment of our imagination either..

Yup you are never happened to me..I've owned the originsl 360.then upgrade to an Elite..and now I own a Slim..and I've purchased two as gifts..ALL work perfectly fine..

But, of course I've known people who got it..and yup it sucked for them..just as it equally sucked for the people I know who had defective PS3s..

We get it..had 'x' numbers of RROD issues..hated that Microsoft charges for Live..plans on buying a now he's 'hating to love an Xbox 360'.. claiming people are touchy..nah..original comment still stands..more people should write about enjoying the consoles they would actually be refreshing


Persistantthug3644d ago

After being the MOST defective prone console in the history of gaming and causing 50% of every user since 2005 to experience a broken unit ( ), No one really knows if these new units are "fixed", and it isn't unreasonable to demand more than 3 or 4 months of proof.

Perjoss3644d ago

Its funny how people still talk about the red ring problem even though microsoft offers THREE years of FREE repairs on any console that breaks... The only console this gen that does not seem to have hardware troubles is the wii.

Sony consoles have always had issues with the drive (my ps3 drive stopped reading bluray discs in less than a year) and now YLoD too, which isn't anywhere near as bad as the RRoD but sony fans dont like to talk about that one ;)

Syronicus3644d ago

Have always had failure rates well below the national standards. However, MS has hit as high as 33% and in the end, they pissed away a ton of consumers that could have potentially been there for them in the future. Sony benefited from MS's inability to make quality hardware and today's numbers show this to be the truth. In less time Sony has managed to catch up to MS despite the year head start MS had the the high price point Sony released at. Sure the Xbox 360 is a good console now but back int he day was when reputations were being solidified and MS squandered the chance at being the best available option in the gaming scene this time around.

hazbaz3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago ) that the THREE years warranty for the XBOX360 is not valid in all countries! Like in Middle East (where I live), it's only THREE months.

EVILDEAD3603644d ago

'After being the MOST defective prone console in the history of gaming and causing 50% of every user since 2005 to experience a broken unit'

LOL @ pretending 50% of all 360s got the RROD because of an internet survey based on Kotaki users whob participated that week.

Internet surveys in the age of fan kids is silly. That's like pretending when you get 182 disagrees on this site that 182 different people did it..

RROD was bad..but not even close to 50%..


Persistantthug3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Just curious.

And don't lie.....How many?

Crystallis3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

WHy do you "LOL" or "LMFAO" in every comment you post on N4G?

People who usually laugh this much are insecure about something....

On topic, the 360 is not the sought out console anymore get it. LOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!

OneSneakyMofo3644d ago

3 $50 a year payments and 1 RRoD later, I'm no longer a 360 owner. I don't miss it a bit.

EVILDEAD3603643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Now I'm LMFAO @ the corny responses..

On topic, the 360 is not the sought out console anymore get it.

LOL..on what topic?

Too fuuny..this site cracks me up

I could care less who seeks out a's going to sell regardless

Love my fact I love both of my Slims..the 360 and my PS3..I don't need to hate.


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Imperator3643d ago

The 360 was AWESOME in 2006/2007, but after that it's just gone downhill. Now, MS is completely abandoning the core fanbase that got them to where they are today. PS3 is where real gaming is at now.

Jim Crikey3644d ago

Not keen on the ol' RRoD though.

scruffy_bear3644d ago

Going to get myself a new Slim after Christmas I can't wait for some Alan Wake :)

KratosGIRL3644d ago

That avatar of yours is adorable :D

scruffy_bear3644d ago

How can you disagree on the 29 of Jan 2011 I'll walk into my local game store and pick up a copy of Alan Wake and a 360 Slim thats a fact

AssassinHD3644d ago

disagree [ˌdɪsəˈgriː]
vb -grees, -greeing, -greed (intr; often foll by with)
1. to dissent in opinion (from another person) or dispute (about an idea, fact, etc.)
2. to fail to correspond; conflict
3. to be unacceptable (to) or unfavourable (for); be incompatible (with) curry disagrees with me
4. to be opposed (to) in principle

I did not click disagree, because I think the whole agree/disagree system is pointless, but perhaps those who did click disagree are simply opposed to your statement in principal.

Megaton3644d ago

Love the 360, hate Microsoft.

It's kinda like being with a great girl who has an extremely overbearing father.

NewsForMe3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Fuck 'em both. I'm moving on. The great girl has completely snapped thanks to her father.

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