Tecmo Koei to port Samurai Warriors 3 to PlayStation 3

GamerZines writes:

The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed that Tecmo Koei are to port previously Wii exclusive title Samurai Warriors 3 to PlayStation 3.

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AceofStaves3648d ago

Koei, if you're going to bring this to the West, please include the Japanese language track. The English voices in "Samurai Warriors 2" are excruciating.

Army_of_Darkness3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I'll buy it day one for sure:D but I agree. english voices are horrible.

This and dynasty warriors series always gets a bad review, but I don't give a sh1t! its great mindless fun when you wanna kill a lot of spare time.

Christopher3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

It looks like it's going to require a Move wand, actually.

I'd expect to see more direct from Wii ports if Move continues to sell well in various regions. Personally, this is not the type of Move game I'm looking for (or even non-Move compatible game), but there are those who love all things Dynasty Warrior-style combat.

SaiyanFury3647d ago

Hell yes! I liked DW6 but thought it left a lot to be desired. Please include the Japanese language track like the original, I loved that feature. Come on KOEI, bring it over already!

InfectedDK3648d ago

Never heard of it.
Is it great?

AceofStaves3648d ago

The "Samurai Warriors" series is the same as "Dynasty Warriors," just set during the Warring States period in Japan, instead of in China.

The combat is button-mashing, and repetitive, but I enjoy them. Some days, I don't want to play complex games. Hacking 1000+ enemies in one level can be a great stress reliever. :D

InfectedDK3648d ago

Thank u, have a bubble :)

3648d ago
Andreas-Sword3648d ago

yeah... great Samurai game :)
Day 1 buy!

koehler833648d ago

Porting to PS3? In no way could this end poorly.

AceofStaves3648d ago

I cringed a little, when I first read it.

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The story is too old to be commented.