Skate Vs. Tony Hawk Proving Ground

Debating on which game to buy? Well this article should definitely help you out!

The Tony Hawk franchise has dominated skateboarding games since 1999 due to lack of competition. Activision has produced 10 games since then and the 11th coming this fall. It's called Proving Ground, set in the East Coast in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. and will be available on all platforms. Neversoft decides to stick with the original gameplay through the whole franchise which is a great thing (if you are into the whole button mashing thing.)

EA Black Box buds in on the market and is currently developing Skate. A more realistic skateboarding game that is set in San Vanelona (San Fransisco, Vancouver, Barcelona.) The best spots in these 3 cities are put into one for the player to thrash. This game will release September 11th for 360 owners and September 24th in North America for PS3 and October 5th in Europe also for PS3.

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live3604120d ago

Which one are you guys thinking looks better? I am going to get skate.

PS360WII4120d ago

Well I've been bored of Tony Hawk since #2 so Skate for me ^^