Rumor: LittleBigPlanet 2 rescheduled for December 2010

Critical Gamer writes: There were sad sackboys and sackgirls across the LittleBigPlanet when Media Molecule announced that, rather than the November date originally announced, LBP 2 had been pushed back to January to allow for a final polish. But could they have almost finished the job already?


Though have the release date for LittleBigPlanet 2 down as ‘December 17, 2010′, we are currently waiting for confirmation that e mails have been sent as well as delivery estimates updated on the website (confirmed via customer). We are also waiting for comments from Amazon, Sony and Media Molecule; we’ll update you as and when.

SONY: “We’re still tracking a January release”.

They’ll be having a word with Amazon, so don’t be surprised if the date has been changed back again when you click through. Sorry folks, the official word is that the release date is still January 2011.

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scruffy_bear3649d ago

So amazon UK are sending out emails saying that's it out in December mmmm, one can only hope

Cloudberry3649d ago

Along with GT5 if it's true, for both games though.

D4RkNIKON3649d ago

I went to Game Stop yesterday and they asked me if I wanted to preorder LBP2 and I told them that I already did and that I was disappointed that I couldn't play it this christmas and they said they thought it was being delayed but still in time for christmas. I hope this is true! I can't split my time between KZ3 and LBP2, I will be TORN!

BulletProofVess3649d ago

long enough for the COD frenzy to settle down

and from the beta the game appeared to be very polished already

and the game would hit for the holidays which would boost sales
so imo the release date is based on nothing but marketing see if it will come sooner than January

cygnuszero23649d ago

Lol, he thinks GT5 is coming out next month. HAHAHAHAAA yeah good luck with that.

BulletProofVess3649d ago

when gt5 was delayed.

it was so close to the release that the discs would be well into production

that and sony has promised to release it for the holiday season

they delay whether or not they wanted to admit was just marketing and the fear of the blackops factor
[which will easily be the best selling title this year]

yeah they maybe in separate markets but they could not risk it

DasBunker3649d ago

hope true.. ill have something to play this holiday.. not really interested in anything else..

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tynam3649d ago

I would rather they didnt get our hopes up, but if if does come out december then MM are amazing

Rauland3649d ago

Last trailer sets date as 18 January 2011. Myth busted.

Jim Crikey3649d ago

What you have to remember though is that Amazon only changed the date this morning.

scruffy_bear3649d ago

Amazon just change there date this morning and email everyone with a update saying they would be sending it out on December 17

Rauland3649d ago

Sony DO NOT want to confuse the market. They would never of released the date of game in the video if they even thought LBP2 would possibly make it in 2010. Sony doesn't work that way.

SuperM3649d ago

@ Rauland

Even if they'd earn alot of money by doing it? LBP would definately benefit a christmas release date. If they can get it out by christmas im sure they will.

jizzyjones3649d ago

No doubt it will be out before GT5

SMW3649d ago

At this rate GT6 is going to be out before GT5.

cygnuszero23649d ago

Hehe. Yeah I heard they are planning to put out GT6 Prologue to hold us over until GT5 is done.

Lucreto3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I hope not. I would have to order it by post and that close to Christmas it won't arrive until the New Year.

Anyway still no mention on the EU collectors edition.

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