Sega on Shenmue 3: 'Never say never'

Sega's top brass have acknowledged the overwhelming reader response to CVG's 'Would you buy Shenmue 3?' feature - and told fans that their dream may not be dead yet.

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Edward-Kraken3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Dont click if you dont want your eyes to get burned. :P

Cloudberry3648d ago


Anyway, here's hoping SEGA would release Shenmue Collection in HD first.

AceofStaves3648d ago

I hope they do. I never played the original games.

vsr3647d ago

If they can't make an engine, They should collaborate with quantic dream Heavyrain engine. Playstation users will welcome these type of creative games.

Actually A New IP Heavyrain sold better than the entire shenmue series.

ComboBreaker3648d ago

It's time to DO..DO..DO.. DUEL IT!!!

mdkgod433648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Lmao dude why would you put that up to scare people

Akagi3648d ago

Your avatar burns my eyes.

@topic: If the original team isn't involved in the development of Shenmue 3, I'm out.

MisterNiwa3648d ago


PS360fanboy3648d ago

In the meantime, a SHenmue HD collection for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 would be nice...don't they like to make some easy money?

visualb3648d ago

a) along with dreamcast classings hitting PSN and XBL, Shenmue1&2 will be done as HD remake (DL or not dno yet)

b) followed by Shanmue 3 possibly co.released or with a discount for remakes, announced 2011 released later 2012 !!!

I am certain, considering all the "shenmue" talk recently, that the conclusion is being developed!

Bass_fisherman3648d ago

lol the black karate kid on the back

fossilfern3647d ago

COME ON SEGA! This is really irritating im sick of all these teases for Shenmue 3 i just want it :(

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Grown Folks Talk3648d ago

tease me Sega. Do it, or shut up about it.

SolidAhmed3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Dear Sega,

there is no better time than this time to bring back Shenmue.

So please for god sake do it, it is not anymore about the cost of production guys ......

and yeah a new Shinobi would be great too.


Your waiting fan ....

Bigbangbing3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Sega, I hate you. :(

Ronster3163648d ago

Now if my beloved Sega are not prepared to take the risk of making another Shenmue, they should just get Master Yu Suzuki to finish the story by some other means, maybe a book, maybe a short FMV movie, either way people deserve to know how this epic story ends.

I would love a true sequel to my fave game of all time (i consider Shenmue 1 & 2 to be one game)but if a sequel isn't going to happen then please stop leading us on like this :-(

visualb3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

the reason there wasn't was because by the time it was meant to be under way / released, dreamcast got cancelled.

there's no excuse really. I'm sure the story is complete, even a lot of the game is organized, just got shelved.

but it will be released, if a remake is, so will the 3rd installment, and considering the over all quality, it won't need THAT much revamping (best looking old gen game IMHO)

so it will come, and HOPEFULLLLLY it will be good =).

can't wait...

P.S I agree Shenmue 1&2 = one game, just too big to fit in old dream cast CD's xD

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