Geforce GTX580 launch on 9th Nov, sampling now

Fudzilla: The new card is sampling to journalists right now. It should launch on Tuesday 9th but its unclear at what time. It looks like it will be the morning on Tuesday November 9th.

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Projekt7tuning3644d ago

I'd like to see some benchmarks on this card. I keep putting off my upgrade, and sure enough a new card comes out every time I'm about to buy. LOL. I have been eying the Radeon 6870 for my new build, but now I got to see what this can do.
We live in good times to be a gamer. It's nice when we have too much to chose from.
Think of most of our grandparents/parent, they had "kick the can" or "Paddle with a rubber band attached to a bouncy ball". Yep I think we live in good times.

toaster3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I'm looking forward to it as well. I'm still rocking my 9800GT and have been putting off upgrading for far too long. It seems like the 580 is fixing the problems that were in the 480 and then some. AMD has always been first to market products but nvidia has always one uped them by having more performance. I have no doubt that the 580 will absolutely dominate. Nvidia and AMD have done this before, and nvidia always comes out on top.

As for the dilemma of constantly upgrading, think of it this way. There will never be a definite component. There is always choice, that's what makes PC so great. You can choose to get a low tier card but have the option to upgrade. If you have a top tier card like the 480 or 5970 then you don't need to upgrade whenever something new comes out. But there's never a right time to shoot, you just pull the trigger whenever you can. Get what you need, or go all out because there will always be a next step no matter what components you get. PC is always evolving and that's what make it awesome, not to mention better than consoles.. hehehe.

ProjectVulcan3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Paper launch.

The reviewers will get theirs, but you wont. Word is there wont be any numbers available for a few months. This is a classic paper launch in that it is designed to take the sheen off the Radeon 6970 launch- although even if GTX580 is a fixed non buggy cooler GTX480 it wont be any more than 20 percent faster than GTX480. That is the sort of performance you should be expecting from a radeon 6970, of which there should be plenty in supply in short order most likely for a highly competitive price nvidia cannot match with GTX580 either now or in the near future. Remember GTX275 launching quickly to counter the Radeon 4890 early last year? Sure you did, because that was a paper launch too and you were lucky to get hold of a GTX275 up to two months after it supposedly 'launched'. Radeon 4890 massively outsold it not necessarily because it was a better card, but because it was widely available!

As for the questions over tesselation performance, it seems that the 69xx series should have vastly improved tesselation abilities, 6970 been leaked if you believe the charts as 20 percent quicker on the heaven bench versus GTX480. Not that said bench counts for much and translates into the real world in anything more than one or two games currently.

Certainly im up for a new high end card and it will have to be before the end of this year, pre Tory VAT hike. I'll be keeping a close eye on this, i suspect nvidia will not be delivering the parts and AMD will, making me someone else who crosses the divide and increases AMD's market share...

Red_Orange_Juice3644d ago

comments in PC category are long, damn, in consoles we keep it simple, you know TEH SALEZZZ :)

kneon3644d ago

If they can get the heat and power under control and ship in a reasonable timeframe then I may consider it, otherwise I'm sticking with AMD.

ct033644d ago

The 6970 would need a substantial tesselation improvement in order to keep up with the supposed performance of the 580.

Looking at Metro, Stonegiant and Heaven, the 580 is between 1.8 times and 2.4 times as fast as the 5870.

Sarcasm3644d ago

Honestly who really needs that amount of power anyway.

I think anyone with a GTX480 or heck, a GTX470 couldn't care less as they are maxing out most games.

But the question for the GTX580 is, Can it run Crysis 2? lol

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joydestroy3644d ago

wow i didn't think the 580 would hit until next year! looks like i'll be switching out a 460 early next year

CombineElite3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Yeh it's one of the best times ever for upgrading your GPU. So much good stuff is available to the point where you say "I want this" but then Nvidia or AMD jump out of no where and say "NO you want this" while holding some shiny new silicon with a 8 and 6 pin power connector.

It's cool though cause the CPU makers are taking forever to unleash their new products. Heck even the tower makers have unleashed a slew of new rigs.

I'm dying to see some benchmarks of either the GTX580 or the HD6970 as I know they are gonna be running in BEAST MODE. All in all the GTX 460 x2 actually looks better though especially in SLI if it ever actually comes out.

Projekt7tuning3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@ toaster
I couldn't agree more. I tell you what though my two 8800GTX's in SLI lasted way longer than any card I ever had. Or I guess I should say stayed capable of playing modern games longer than all the card from the past. They were pretty good buys if you consider their service length.

imvix3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Agreed, 8800GTX in SLI is a very decent setup even by todays standards. Hell its more then enough for any game in 1080p today. I would think a 8800GTX in SLI would be very close to 5870 levels of performance, which is insane for a 4 year old setup.

However PC gaming is now going multiscreen. GPUs like 5870, GTX480 are an overkill for single screen gaming.

Like Toaster said there is no such thing as best time to upgrade. Some would argue its a good time to buy previous gen parts when a new gen rolls out, since previous gen can be had dirt cheap. Ie a friend of mine recently got a 4850 for 50USD for his 4yr old PC. His setup now looks like this:

930D Pentium 3.0ghz (dualcore)
4850 gpu (cost him 50usd lol)
4gigs of ram

That setup plays games better then any console can. Most games run in 1080p. Whats more he gets to keep BC for all his old games.


Agreed. Still looking for something to slay my 8800gt sli at a descent price. Plan on using 1 8800gt as a physics card, but even a 460gtx is comparable to 8800gt y upgrade?? I'll have to wait a lil longer. Thanks consoles for helping my setup last so long.

Letros3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Selling my 5850 for either a GTX 580 or Radeon 6970, comon benchmarks! I'm leaning towards NVidia atm, it's been awhile!

imvix3644d ago

Any of those GPU's will be insane, though be prepared to invest in a Multimonitor setup. Triple screen gaming is aweome.

Letros3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

This is what I want, love them bezels

Id pay $1000 for it, but $1900 is just ridiculous(response kinda sucks too)

May go 3D instead(ATI claims to have a solution soon), ahh decisions, decisions.

imvix3644d ago

Dam man that is insane. though yea 1900usd is a bit insane. i have a tripple screen setup myself. Bezels really arent that much of a problem.

Triggs3644d ago

Yes triple is great.

In addition to getting two more monitors, I gotta buy me a bigger table for them LOL

mrv3213644d ago

I have a HD5750... which overheats despite working fans... a new problem also :P

So yeah... I would upgrade but tbh if you can't win on SC2 on low, high won't help.

Nihilism3644d ago

This is my 480GPUz screenshot, it had better texture fillrate than a 580 with my O.C aka the diff will be the same as a 280 and 285 last 'gen' Which is minor.

I could be pissed..but I'm not. I am currently running 32CSAA in all games bar crysis/warhead which I am running very high/enthusiast with 8aa. I got a got 6 months head start.

I would be more pissed if I bought an i7 now...the next gen of CPUs is going to be a huge leap ( first new architecture from AMD since 2001 lol )

Nihilism3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I just realised that for all my ranting...I didn't post my screenshot.

Here is is anyway:

SkyGamer3644d ago

When are the new cpu's coming out? I heard that AMD is going multi-thread as well. Is it going to be compat with socket AM3? I just upgraded my pc. Still kept with the highest end quad-core as I saw there were no real benefit of upgrading to hexacore. At least my 16 gb of DDR3-1600 will last me a few years.

TABSF3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

GTX 480

701MHz stock engine
1401MHz stock shaders
3696MHz stock memory

Unified Shaders: Texture Mapping Units: Render Output Units

all for TDP of 250W but realistic 290W

GTX 580

772MHz stock engine
1544MHz stock shaders
4008MHz stock memory

Unified Shaders: Texture Mapping Units: Render Output Units

all for TDP of 244W but more like 270W

The GTX 580 is faster, uses less power, produces less heat and will hopefully cost less

If I was you I would personally find a way to RMA the GTX 480, its great but this is 20% faster and with other benefits

@ SkyGamer

AMD is releasing its Bulldozer chips in the next 6 months, will range from 2 - 10 cores by the looks of it may be hyper-threading

Intel is releasing its i7 Gen 2 chips in the next 6 moths, and they are looking to release Ivy Bridge 22nm CPU by Q4 2011 or Q1 2012

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