Crackdown 2: Deluge Pack Release Date Announced, Integrates with Windows Phone 7

The Xbox 360 exclusive Crackdown 2 will get its most riotous, challenging and fun addition yet with the release of the Deluge Pack downloadable content (DLC), available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace later this month. The new DLC delivers a heart pounding, frenetic new co-op arcade mode called “Deluge” which pits up to four players against increasingly more challenging waves of denizens from Pacific City. The Capture the Orb mode, which introduces a Crackdown twist to capture the flag, will have you hurtling buildings and dodging rockets as you race to score, as well as several updates for Crackdown 2 affecting weapons, vehicles and more.

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kevco333651d ago

I can't wait for Project Sunburst. I'll be getting this DLC too now I guess...

knifefight3651d ago

Man, Windows does enough bad things to my computer. I don't like the idea of having it messing with my phone too. :(