The Video Game Industry Has an Image Problem and Mostly Itself to Blame

If you want to know what's really going on in the video game industry, there is no better place to find out than the Electronic Gaming Summit, held each year in the Northern California wine country by Ziff Davis, the special-interest media and publishing company.

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Zaskark55387d ago

are you calling them ugly.

Marriot VP5387d ago

Nah, it's just that video games were spawned with total geeks. But where are all the geeks now. Everybody who reads this knows that answer.

More importantly people like achira, themart, NJ, and many more need to realize that they ARE the 1% of gamers out there. Their opinions and knowledge is useless and a complete joke as far as realistic opinions.

THAMMER15386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

But the flaming is getting retarded. I know I have been in a few scuffels myself but the question is why are we(gamers) choosing sides. I think this started back when the X1 was firt droped. It just seemed like my friend were shocked I bought it. But when we could see a differince in game play and graphics it became obvious why the X1 was a better choice. Then all the arguements started. realy every one should just take a look at whats happening. The pressure that Sony is under is transfering to us the gamers people should check themselves. I know I will from know on. Some of the thing we say to each other is just uncalled for.