Call of Duty Black Ops: Awesome Quickscoping with Golden L96 Sniper

This new Call of Duty Black ops video shows impressive quickscoping with a golden L96.

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visualb3644d ago

still, cool golden guns =) goldeneye!!

Matthew943644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

golden guns were in MW1

visualb3644d ago

and goldeneye came out before my comment remains.


GrieverSoul3644d ago

Im I the only one who thinks that this game looks like shit!?

Its like CoD 2 on HD!

DirtyLary3644d ago

Looks like old RainBow 6 maps.

Archdemon3644d ago


The hype train might hear you.

shovelface883644d ago

How the hell does this "look like CoD 2 on HD" when CoD2 was WW2, and btw was already in HD because it was on PC?

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zeddy3644d ago

i thought they removed quickscoping? well atleast you have to look through the scope before you shoot.

StanLee3644d ago

As long as there is autoaim, there'll be quickscoping.

raztad3644d ago

After so much talk about "quickscoping" I have to check the video to understand what it means. Really weak way to play. Exploiting scopes auto aim. Awful.

Btw, game looks too cartoonish. It has more colors than a Disney movie.

BlueEye3644d ago

Thats just this map, its called Nuketown and as you can guess its one of those test towns for nukes like 50 years ago, and a funny thing is that after every game, mode doesnt matter or results, a nuke will land.

Snack_Raccoon3643d ago

I guess you prefer all games to be brown or grey landscapes, preferably with a generic space marine main character.

farhad2k83644d ago

The more we try to prove that quick scoping does still exist, the quicker Treyarch will try to patch it up.
I mean, I dont really care of the outcome, I quick scope now and then on MW2 but its no biggy' to me if they nerf it.

But by causing all this attention, I bet Treyarch are sitting on their pretty little desks, with a huge evil grin on their face, ready to patch this on the day of release. Just saying.

goflyakite3643d ago

Yep, every black ops quick scoping video has comments of people saying things like, "HAHA JD_2020! Suck my &^#* you ^&$#*$&!! We can still quick scope in black ops!!".

Even the new zzirgrizz video has a message saying something like, "lets show JD_2020 how big the quick scoping community is". The more they see these quick scoping videos the more Treyarch is going to want to nerf it.

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AstroZombie13644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Thank you Treyarch, should have never been left out of any COD game following MW1.

If this isn't restricted to one specific gun a glass I'm gonna bag myself a gold Dragunov just like I did in MW1. ^_^

QuePasa873644d ago

What happened to no quickscoping in Black Ops?

visualb3644d ago

quickscoping along ruins experiences for me. Stopped playing CS after 1.3 because of that...

BX813644d ago

Where did you see quick scoping in that video? That sniper rifle was slow as hell. Maybe use of the auto aim when close but I didn't think it was quick at all!

retrofly3644d ago

So golden camos been hacked already :(

Stevo913644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

On split screen/system link all weapons, pro perks etc are unlocked. hes more then likely playing system link.

distorted_reality3644d ago

He was playing against some terrible players right there.

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