Dont forget! Medal Of Honor DLC today: XBloguk

EA unveil new downloadable content pack for Medal of Honor, and there’s loads of great things coming. New maps, new modes, new gameplay styles, and new ways to have fun online, all coming to you November 2, 2010.

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imvix3649d ago

We want more DLC's, DLC's should be announced before a game is launched. Preorders should be available at the same time too:P

RAZORLAND3649d ago

sorry, already got rid of the game.

tacosRcool3649d ago

I want some more free DLC!

DirtyLary3649d ago

Just a quick cash grab. Fire out the DLC before COD:BO hit's stores next week.

Trunkz Jr3649d ago

Anyone else agree with me they should just get back to work on Battlefield 3 with the odd BFBC2 patch?

ngecenk3649d ago

if only they put these maps and modes in the launch day, the sales probably will be much better.

TekoIie3649d ago

No one wants MOH dlc. The game is shit anyway start working on B3 DICE. We want a game that can rival COD not try to be it and fail at it...

3649d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.