Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC Review – The Quick and the Undead | Lazygamer

Red Dead Redemption won the hearts of many gamers this year when it released to great review scores and managed to sell a horse-cart load of copies to boot.

While DLC packs have been released since launch, the one pack that the game was sorely missing was a taste of more of the single player action. Instead of doing something boring, Rockstar took a swig of their “screw-it” bottle and decided to release an entire DLC pack about zombies.

We put on our brave-man underpants and ventured into the wicked wild west to see what all the zombie fuss was about.

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WobblyOnion3650d ago

you'd think I'd be so sick of zombies by now...but no! RDR manages it brilliantly!

granthinds3650d ago

Zombies will rule the world!!! :D

granthinds3650d ago

... I'm frikkin' so excited to jam some of this!!!

GLoRyKnoT3649d ago

Y'all 2 "lazy" 2 give this "brilliant" dlc the 10 it deserves :P