First "James Bond : Blood Stone" Review

First "James Bond : Blood Stone" Review

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Titanz3650d ago

I guess HD gamers can't complain about the Wii exclusive version of Goldeneye, because Blood Stone looks like a quality title.

piroh3650d ago

i think goldeneye is timed exclusive

Bobbykotickrulesz3650d ago

This game could surprise people.

Or, it could suck.

Blaze9293649d ago

dunno why @piroh got so many disagrees. That Wii version of Goldeneye - I would not be surprised to see Activision announce a PSN/XBLA version or even a stand alone.

jetlian3649d ago

game is decent/good played 30 mins yesterday at friends. like standard TPS with a little mark and excute

MerkinMax3649d ago

Like in Quantam of Solace?

deafwing3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

... after he said the word fanboy

omg the yawning started around halfway ... I just wasted my coffee break :(

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sunnygrg3650d ago

A forum post, seriously?

I thought they weren't allowed, but it seems that all you need is good friends to get your news approved.

ChronoJoe3650d ago

Could have direct linked to the video on youtube, which would have been allowed.

Content would be the same regardless, quit bitching. Lot of reviewers use youtube only and get on here, I see a lot from Incomcompany, (ClassicGameRoomHD).

hennessey863649d ago

is so annoying id love to punch him in the face

Blaine3649d ago

the new Goldeneye is a remake in name only.

-Different levels.
-Different story.
-Different character (Craig rather than Brosnan).
-Different control scheme.
-Different multiplayer levels.

So what's the same? Only the name.

BakedGoods3649d ago

The story is the same, just a re-imagining of it, so the overall plot is intact.

Rocket Sauce3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I thought it was the long awaited sequel to 2004's smash hit "Goldeneye: Rogue Agent"

TVippy3649d ago

I'm not sure it's a first. Call me when a review from some magazine arrives. :)

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Chucky20033650d ago

i played and finish the game,its a nice game,i like the opening of the game cause its like they are doing in movies,the vehicle controls aren't that good,and its a 5-6 hours long

jetlian3649d ago

it is and yea the cars are alittle slippery

CountDracula3650d ago

An anonymous made a review of a game that hasn't come out and posted it on the forum. YAY -_-

3650d ago
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