411mania: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light Review

411mania: "Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light was intended as a spin-off of the original Final Fantasy, but it ends up reminding me more of Final Fantasy V than any other Final Fantasy game. Both games have a clichéd but enjoyable plot, silly but likeable characters and a better-than-it-sounds job system that involves clothing. In 4 Heroes Of Light you play as Brandt, recently 14 years old and in need of an audience with the King of Horne (that's where Brandt lives). Allied with childhood friend Jusqua and bodyguard Yunita it is up to you three to rescue Horne's daughter Aire, who will also ally with you once rescued. Once you fell a witch and abscond with the princess in tow and in your party, the game doesn't end. In fact, you are rewarded with the first of many magical ability granting hats. Who gives you this hat? A gigantic floating crystal that appears out of nowhere."

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it is a very good game apart from auto target system