Interview with Kaz Hirai of SONY

In the North American market for video game consoles, Sony has dominated the scene. Kazuo "Kaz'' Hirai is president and chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, a division he has run since 1999 and worked at since 1995.

As Sony launches its PlayStation‚3 worldwide in November, it is Hirai's job to make sure everything goes well as Sony fights off challenges from Nintendo and Microsoft's next-generation game consoles. Hirai is known for his controversial statements. In 2002, he declared, "The console wars are over'' because Sony had a commanding lead with the PlayStation 2. But Sony is now in a tough fight with Microsoft and Nintendo, and Hirai has to execute on the North American launch of the PlayStation 3. Here's an interview with Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony's U.S. game division, at E3.

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Schmitty076622d ago

I'm sorry, just had to say that

Marriot VP6622d ago

can't help myself. Have fun giving massive damage on that crab.

Alexander6622d ago

If I wanted to battle giant enemy crabs and enjoy real time weapon change, I'd play on the early levels on Halo 2. I dont need a PS3.

Moostache6621d ago

Don't forget those are Japanese history-based Giant Crabs and you need to attack its weak spots for massive dammage....that video clip of the Sony Press conference was some hysterical stuff.

I don't know who did the long version (the one with the Rhinoceros grazing in it) but that was seriously funny stuff...

clayton6621d ago

He looks reatarded, anyone else see what I see?

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Chocoburger17h ago

I'm sure that there will be more to come in the future.


Debunked: Blowing On Nintendo Game Cartridges Never Worked

We have all been there! Blowing on a Nintendo video game cartridge when the game we were playing just would not launch or appeared to be glitching.

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Neonridr4d ago

I mean it worked for me. Regardless if it was just a poor connection between the cartridge and the console or some random bug that was preventing the game from loading properly, the placebo effect of knowing your breath is what fixed the game is dead set in the minds of plenty of 80s gamers.

wesnytsfs3d ago

Blow on the game and then use something about hte thickness of a deck of cards in my case it a was plastic sport card holder of about 20 cards that would keep the mechnaism all the eway down. Ahh and the famous left to right shuffle hoping the contact would touch.

VenomUK3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Stupid Zoomer tries to debunk a technique used successfully by millions of people over many years.

Look out for they/them’s next article ‘DEBUNKED! Why the Xbox 360 towel trick is all a myth’.

Cacabunga2d ago

It did work, not only Nintendo but sega genesis and saturn as well

Seraphim2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I mean, sure it worked, but did it work every single time? If the answer is yes then you were probably just lucky, or more likely, not remembering correctly. Regardless, it did work be that luck or scientific reasons.

thorstein3d ago

Clearing the dust from inside the cartridge by blowing on it did work.

Perhaps YOU are unfamiliar with how easily dust can disrupt electronics, but entire generations of gamers and computer users are.

DodoDojo2d ago

Yup. The pins would get dirty and dusty, anyone that's cleaned a game with a q tip knows that. Blowing the cartridge out would had have to helped.

Relientk773d ago

It worked for me and my cartridges. So I refuse to believe it's just a myth

shinoff21833d ago

It definitely works. They can go on and on about how it didn't but I was there for 100s of games. It was pretty damn common.

Wretchedstain3d ago

The salt in your saliva is conductive

romulus233d ago

Pretty sure people were supposed to blow on the cartridge not hawk tuah on it.

Lulz_Boat2d ago

i see what you did there LOL