NZGamer: Killzone 3: Multiplayer Hands On

NZGamer: "Sony's Guerrilla Games cranked out the first Killzone game for the PS2 back in 2004. Met with mixed reviews, the game was generally agreed to have an interesting setting with cool art but was also widely regarded as being technically disappointing. Killzone 2, however, fixed up those technical glitches - even if it did keep the hardcore control system (no aiming assistance here) - and was generally met with much more favorable reviews."

The Good: More Killzone, soon!

The Bad: Not soon enough

The Ugly: Exclusivity makes it hard to play against friends

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Omar913647d ago

i can not wait till this comes out!.

RockmanII73647d ago

Its funny, I got a beta key but I don't have a PS3. Oh well.

shysun3647d ago

Can I please have it??!!!!