Xbox Live Update One Step Forward Two Back

Xbox LIVE members awoke this morning to a mandatory service update promising some fantastic additions and exciting changes. The mandatory part is being strictly enforced where, if you decline the update, you will not be able to connect to Xbox LIVE until the update is installed. We have no choice but to accept the changes and, judging by the comments so far, it's two steps backwards.

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CommonCent3644d ago

"The IQ level at Microsoft is being called into doubt by a very large number of forum posters that are convinced that the "new and improved" UI was designed by one of the developer's kindergardeners using MS Paint. The whole design looks ameturish, blocky, generic, 2D, flat, too white and a throwback to the 1980's. Although loading times are supposed to be quicker they're actually taking longer and the navigation has changed, forcing users to back out of items before changing levels or selecting another item. They are calling it an abomination, a dismal failure and demanding a return to the old dashboard.

We agree."

You guys, whatever basement your in must have done something wrong. The UI is ALOT quicker than it was before, I hit the guide, bam all the options are shown, before they took a few seconds.
"forcing users to back out of items before changing levels or selecting another item" I have no idea wtf this means. Anyone?